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21 Microsoft Employees In 2022 You Need To Follow… Now!

Microsoft is one of, if not the, leading tech companies in our world.

They’ve been at the forefront of discovery and a driver of innovation and cultural change since their earliest days. They’re leaders in the Cloud Computing sphere, with the Power Platform and Dynamics, they revolutionised both work and home computing and that’s before we even get into the specifics of the humanitarian work and the Tech for Social Impact teams.


The point is, Microsoft is big. Large. Huge. And that means it can sometimes be hard to keep up with those who know everything there is to know about Microsoft.
That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top Microsoft employees you should be following to keep up to date with all the latest announcements, updates and user tips!**


**This list is in no particular order and is in no way comprehensive! Drop us a line if you think we’ve missed someone and we’ll add them on.


Tina Jones – Sr. Audience Evangelism Manager at Microsoft

Tina’s LinkedIn

Tina Jones is the Senior Audience Evangelism Manager at Microsoft and works globally with student developers. She has a passion for education and supporting the skilling and employability of students, so she is someone to follow if you’re looking for advice!


Nicola Hodson – VP Global Sales & Marketing, Transformation at Microsoft

Nicola’s LinkedIn

Nicola Hodson loves driving results, making customers successful, spanning strategy and execution and building teams that drive growth. She has worked across commercial and consumer and all industry sectors including public sector.

Nicola posts insightful articles into the would of business transformation and latest Microsoft technology.


Michael Wignall – Azure Business Lead at Microsoft UK

Michael’s LinkedIn

Michael Wignall describes himself as an engineer, techy, consultant, and salesperson – empowering people and organisations to achieve more. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Cloud is making its mark across all sectors then definitely give him a follow.



Sam Bramwell – Solutions Director, Business Applications at Microsoft

Sam’s LinkedIn

There are three things that Sam Bramwell cares deeply about; her family, diversity and inclusion, and the positive impact tech can have on lives. A valuable resource if you’re conscious of how you can advocate for diversity and inclusivity!


Richard Ellis – General Manager: Microsoft’s Small, Medium & Corporate Customer Segment

Rich’s LinkedIn

Richard Ellis thrives on the energy he gets from talking with customers and partners, engaging with business leaders who are using Microsoft products and services to transform their businesses and with Microsoft Partners who are helping others do the same. He’s regularly speaking at digital events so be sure not to miss the next one…


David Howe – General Manager, Microsoft

David’s LinkedIn

David specialises in IT Strategy, organisational leadership, consulting service management, marketing, enterprise architecture, cloud computing, business development, branding and identity, product marketing, business strategy.

People development is central to David’s approach, ensuring people have an environment where they can do their best work and grow their careers. His posts centre mainly around tech companies such as Microsoft are leading the way for sustainability.


Orla McGrath – Global Partner Solutions Lead at Microsoft

Orla’s LinkedIn

Orla McGrath responsible for managing and developing Microsoft’s extensive partner network. Her LinkedIn is full of event reminders and updates from Microsoft so don’t stay out of the loop!

She’s worked with a broad range of clients to ready their businesses for the digital age and helped them transform their customer experience leveraging the latest cloud technologies and platforms to drive business growth.


Max Tchapeyou – UK Industry Solutions General Manager at Microsoft

Max’s LinkedIn

Max Tchapeyou is relentless in building organisational capabilities, leveraging cross-collaboration and maximising business impact at scale. He nurtures people’s talents and diversity, coach, grow, empower teams, managers and leaders to fulfil their potential and together we deliver unprecedented results. His people-first mindset shines in his content, talking all about leadership, diversity and social justice.


Hugh Milward – General Manager, Corporate, External, Legal at Microsoft

Hugh’s LinkedIn

Hugh Milward is a senior business figure with international experience, and current role is to lead Microsoft’s Corporate, External and Legal Affairs (CELA) team for Microsoft UK. If you follow Hugh you’ll be treated to a wide range of content relevant to ethics withing the tech industry.


Claire Logan – Human Resources Director at Microsoft

Claire’s LinkedIn

Claire Logan is a trusted person, who is able to provide straightforward advice and build long term relationships with clients who she can support to be successful. She really enjoys building diverse teams where all colleagues can authentically bring themselves to work and thrive – and her inspiration posts will speak for themselves!


Derrick McCourt –  General Manager of Microsoft UK’s Customer Success Unit

Derrick’s LinkedIn

Derrick McCourt’s drive is to empower people of all ages, skills and abilities in a technology-driven world, and is showing how technology can lead to sustainability.


Chris Perkins – General Manager, Public Sector, Microsoft UK

Chris’s LinkedIn

Chris Perkins’ focus lies in bringing a greater diversity of skills into the workforce. Follow him for event updates with important figures within Microsoft and tech!


Clare Barclay – Chief Executive Officer, CVP, Microsoft UK

Clare’s LinkedIn

Since October 1st 2020, Clare Barclay has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft UK where she is responsible for all of Microsoft’s product and service offerings in the UK for their commercial customers and partners. What else is there to say – who better to keep up to date with?


Soraya Scott – Chief Operating Officer, UK at Microsoft

Soraya’s LinkedIn

Soraya Scott has extensive experience in building strong, high performing and multi-disciplined teams across a number of business lines – including Consulting and Support.

Her specialities are: Customer relationships, People Management, Sales Management, Team Transformations


Douglas Dawson –  GM, Global Communications at Microsoft

Douglas’s LinkedIn

Douglas Dawson is an energetic communications professional with more than 25 years of experience and a proven track record for developing internationally focused consumer and corporate communications campaigns. A well-rounded executive who mixes traditional communications strategies with social media programs to reach consumers, industry stakeholders and investors.


Ralf Groene – CVP Design Windows and Devices at Microsoft

Ralf’s LinkedIn

If you’re geeky for all things hardware then Ralf Groene should be on your follow list. He leads Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Design Team. The team is responsible for designing Microsoft’s hardware products including Surface, Xbox and HoloLens and their Windows & Android OS experiences.


Yash Misra – Principal Design Manager at Microsoft

Yash’s LinkedIn

Yash Misra is a principal design manager at Microsoft, currently leading Signature Experiences Design team for Windows 11, so expect a lot of Windows 11 content!


Brandon LeBlanc – Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Brandon’s LinkedIn

Brandon LeBlanc is responsible for making sure Windows Insiders have all the necessary information about participating in the program and installing the new OS builds released to them; as you can imagine, he knows a lot about Windows 11.


Jacky Wright – Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Microsoft US

Jacky’s LinkedIn

Jacky Wright is a global technology leader who has made broad impact in business transformation and on social issues. She inspires and leads teams to help businesses leverage technology to drive innovation, adopt sustainable and accessible business models, and digitally transform.


Christopher Young – Executive Vice President Business Development, Strategy and Ventures at Microsoft

Christopher’s LinkedIn

Christopher Young’s role as executive vice president of business development, strategy and ventures at Microsoft means he is responsible for growth across the company by establishing strategic partnerships, setting corporate strategy and identifying high impact investments through Microsoft’s corporate venture arm.


And of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without…


Satya Nadella – Chairman and CEO at Microsoft

Satya’s LinkedIn

Satya Nadella is on a self-described mission to ‘empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.’ His pages are chock full of all the awesome things Microsoft is doing to achieve that goal.




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