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21 Microsoft Employees In 2022 You Need To Follow… Now!

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How Engagement Technology Is Transforming The Membership Sector

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Life @ cloudThing As An Apprentice Power Platform Consultant

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Life @ cloudThing As A Dynamics Functional Consultant

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The Effect Fintech Is Having On Our Everyday Lives

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Dealing With Ethical Walls In Tech… Ethically

How can technology solve modern ethical dilemmas faced by organisations?   cloudThing faces several ethical dilemmas/ethical walls regularly as a software and Power Platform developer, many of which will be familiar to other organisations, both in terms of procurement and in working with competing clients.   As cloudThing has grown over the years and acquired more expertise […]

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Life @ cloudThing As A DevSecOps Engineer

Lynne Read-Langan reveals all about the awesomeness of cloudThing   Why did I pick cloudThing to work at as a DevSecOps Engineer? Well, my story is probably a little different to other cloudThingers. I had an IT career before joining, but for multiple reasons needed a change of career so I had to leave it for […]

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IOT: Dragging The Future Of Healthcare Into Today

IoT has time and time again proven the most efficient solution to specific pain points facing healthcare institutions   The last few years have a seen a fundamental shift in how technology is used within the healthcare sector. Technology makes healthcare better. No one needs convincing of that. It makes it more efficient; it makes […]

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