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Julie WhitingMay 7th 2019

Our Dynamics 365 add-on, giftaidThing, helps your organisation deal with Gift Aid donations (via SMS, paper or online), their validations and submissions to HMRC. It makes sure that you have no errors in the submissions and therefore helps to make the processes more efficient, both in time and money.

giftaidThing- what is it and why should Not-for-Profits be interested? In a nutshell, our Dynamics 365 add-on, giftaidThing, helps your organisation deal with Gift Aid donations, their validations and submissions to HMRC, making sure that you have no errors and therefore make the processes more efficient, both in time and money. No one wants to be faced with a fine or a ‘Yellow Card’- if the amount or level of errors is only minor, HMRC may make an agreement with the charity through means of the ‘Yellow Card’ warning system. This is where HMRC will only look to recover the tax that is due for only the year that is under review, as long as the charity agrees to take the suggested action as required by HMRC in order to improve the keeping of their records (and therefore minimise these faults occurring in the future).  

By our processes being completed in the cloud, it also removes the risk of things being done incorrectly - we like to show giftaidThing as an example of how Dynamics 365 can speed up and transform processes within organisations – have we got you interested? I’m going to put myself into your shoes and ask the questions that we all want to know the answer to about giftaidThing... 

First of all, tell me more about giftaidThing! What does it prevent, and can it be used over multiple donation channels?

As mentioned briefly above, giftaidThing helps Not-for-Profit organisations to make sure that all their Gift Aid donations are correct. This means that they must be compliant and auditable within the HMRC regulations- if not, fines can occur and ideally, no organisation wants to face that. (If you have an error rate of more than 4%, depending on how quickly you can repair it, you will be given a fine and potentially a ‘Yellow Card’ which acts as a warning as explained earlier). Information such as the address, currency, identity, and much more is checked to see if the donation can be validated and it’s these fields (and more) that need to be correct. giftaidThing helps you to forecast your Gift Aid revenue accurately, reliably and makes audits stress-free- amazing! For those of you who are wondering if it only works on one channel, the answer is no- it works on multiple donation platforms, which eases the hugely resource intensive task of validating claims that you would have to complete manually if you didn’t have this useful tool.  

To input claims, the user imports CSV files into Dynamics. The benefit of this is that all the data gets entered into Dynamics in a consistent format and this includes data from all channels where donations may be coming in from, for example from SMS, calls, paper sponsorships and web and more. On import, we have a mapping template which matches the CSV column to the donation field and keeps data fields consistent and correctly filled out.  

All the data around donations is managed on CSV’s by Comic Relief and importing in this way makes sure that the data is entered into Dynamics in a consistent way. This also means that it is able to be imported in bulk, so around 40,000 records can be added in one shot rather than entering the individual records manually. This will save time and will ensure that all submissions made to HMRC will be correct and in the right format.  

The words ‘stress-free’ is always welcomed within any work and it seems like this tool is extremely effective in its work. Like most organisations though, large quantities of data are held about customers etc within the organisation’s database system. How will you find the discrepancies between your records and the HMRC regulations in the mass of data? 

Analysis of the records you hold will be offloaded to Azure which helps to keep computing costs low, but ultimately, it makes the process very quick. For a small computing cost, it is worth it in comparison to the man-hours it would take to go through them manually and individually. Once the issue has been identified, it allows your staff to correct it before it gets sent off for validation and submission by HMRC. That’s it really! 

giftaidThing doesn't finish its job there though, it keeps on working...

We care about your organisation and so once our main work with you is done, we still make sure that everything is continuing to perform as expected. After submitting your claim to HMRC, the software within giftaidThing continues to check the claim made and then creates a detailed report upon approval to confirm what has been successfully validated by HMRC. This information can then be used by yourselves to update your accounts in real time, but you can also confirm that the forecast generated by giftaidThing is accurate against what was paid by HMRC. So, you can make sure that giftaidThing is working correctly and we are taking accountability. 

Last question, I promise...can I make this tool bespoke and custom to my organisation and our needed business rules? 

Quite simply, yes! This flexible cloud-based tool is easily customisable- a dream come true. If you have identified a trend within the non-compliant claims that giftaidThing highlights, you can easily add a new validation business rule to automatically fix these issues or rule out certain submissions. Basically, your solution can be tailored to your unique requirements as an organisation. The benefit of this is that you'll be able to reflect on the organisation’s internal processes through the validation rules. This means that submissions and validations will become more time efficient as submissions will all be in the same format and will have the same required and complete fields needed in order to submit and validate. You can create a rule that does not submit donations to HMRC if that donation and submission is not valid/not in the correct format, therefore reducing the chance of errors and fines from HMRC. Many other rules can be created in order for your organisation to recognise donation submissions etc – it depends on your organisation’s internal processes and collection/format of data.  


If we’ve sparked your interest in this effective and efficient tool or have any more questions (they can be complex or simple), please feel free to get in touch for a chat so that we can help you! 

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