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Julie WhitingJuly 4th 2018

complyThing is cloudThing's latest compliance and data management tool which helps you to keep all data in-line with the GDPR. As well as this, complyThing offers many other features that make subject access requests from customers, and more, easier and more efficient to provide.

Now, I know there is a lot of talk about GDPR currently and I am here to add to it, but also to be raised above it. How I hear you ask? Let me introduce to you our compliance and data management tool, complyThing. complyThing allows your company to do what it says on the tin and easily comply with the new legislation, the GDPR amongst others. It is a data governance, risk and compliance tool designed to make the complicated requirements for data inventory uncomplicated. Repeatable, auditable and easy to use are just some words to describe it and it is a modular tool that can scale with your needs from day one of your journey to stress free compliance up to the granular tasks like management of Subject Access Requests and ongoing Impact Assessments. 

complyThing is not data discovery tool, it a data management tool. This basically means that it will help you to understand what data you have, why you have the data, where you obtained it from (the individual themselves or third parties etc), what you are using it for, what others are using it for if you have shared it, and where and how it is stored. When the customer then requests their information, this tool can help provide an accurate report efficiently.  

I can hear some of you commenting, ‘Alright- cool name, but why should I get this data management tool over anyone else’s?’ Well, some of the unique selling points of complyThing are that it helps to manage internal processes. On top of that, cloudThing have been using this tool internally, as well as beta-tested it with similar organisations with a large amount of compliance requirements as both a data controller and data processor, and it works. Having taken into consideration the needs of the GDPR, cloudThing have designed complyThing to do the job it needs to do and how it needs to operate and work.  

Now for more details on complyThing, the data management tool itself. Unlike some processes and tools, complyThing isn’t made up of just one element. It has several elements which all contribute to the compliance and risk minimisation that potentially comes with the GDPR. Such elements include the following: 

Data Inventory- Building the foundation for security and privacy

Whether you are looking to ensure GDPR compliance, ISO compliance, or just want to ensure consistency in your security posture it all starts with your inventory. Data should be assessed for potential risk and ongoing requirements whether it is stored on a laptop hard drive, on paper or wherever else. 

Subject Access Requests- It is their data, let them see it

Once your data is properly inventoried and managed within our tool, responding to subject access requests is made simple and easy. Users can quickly respond to a request thanks to the granular reports on each data asset and built-in search function. Then, when they have the required information, they can respond to the request and not miss a beat, as all requests are managed with our customisable case management function. 

Sharing Agreements and Impact Assessments- Consistency in your privacy approach and reporting

Even small organisations need to regularly update the list of third-parties who need access to a data source, maintaining and adding new data assets to the register can be difficult when done on paper or held on a static spreadsheet.To ensure your privacy assessment is consistent it must be contained in one hub,securely accessible from multiple devices,with each aspect of its content recorded. Privacy risk assessments are updated automatically to give you the up to date report into the cost and risk of keeping your data in its current environment. The Sharing Agreement is ideal as it helps to deliver up-to-date reports about the customer’s personal data, including where it has been shared and how it has been used. Our Impact Assessments are created against data inventory items to determine if the data is high risk or not. It also includes assessments on integrated supplier registers, supplier assessments and screening,which provides you with the satisfaction and comfort that your data access is controlled, compliant and secure. 

Logs, Dashboards & Reporting- Understand your risk posture at a glance

Thanks to the automation tools available within the solution, users can quickly see a single view of their data assets, risks and open actions. With rich dashboards which can be customised to your needs, quickly understand your governance, risk and compliance in real time.With rich dashboards which can be customised to your needs, quickly understand your governance, risk and compliance in real time.

Modular Extensions- Scale and evolve your solution to fit your needs

Organisations will have varying levels of requirements based on the standards they wish to follow. This solution is built with a modular architecture to ensure every organisation can achieve their compliance ambitions while remaining cost effective.

complyThing is being used today, and can make an immediate impact in ensuring you remain compliant with the GDPR across your business, If you’re interested in finding out more details or have any questions, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email!

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