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Join us for our Legal Sector Event on 18th September 2019!

Alex BiggsJuly 10th 2019

Join cloudThing, Microsoft, De Pinna and Circyl on the 18th of September at Microsoft’s Offices in Paddington, London for an insight into how the legal sector can be transformed with the help of cloud-based technology. We will also have live industry aligned demonstrations of Dynamics 365, PowerBI and AI powered ‘Lawbots’. 

We have noticed recently that the UK’s legal profession is going through several changes that have brought about an array of challenges. However, there is no reason to stress as we are here to show you how these challenges can be turned into positive opportunities as well as be able to transform processes and get ahead of the surrounding competition. 

A change in culture

It is no secret that a culture shift is occurring in the legal sector where customers are demanding more digital ways in which to deal with their legal requirements. The firms that embrace this change are the ones who will succeed in the long term as they will be able to keep up with the latest technology trends and satisfy their target market of which their customers are becoming more tech-savvy. 

Dynamics 365 can help firms digitally transform and move away from the traditional paper-based processes by using AI for tasks such as litigation disputes, client enquiries, contract reviews and more. How this can be achieved will be demonstrated live for you by one of our industry leading Solutions Architects at cloudThing.  

Research shows that a large percentage of clients are favouring ‘Lawbots’ over the more traditional means of communication due to the ease, accessibility and quick service they can obtain. Join us to see our legal assistance bot’s capabilities first-hand and understand the potential and difference this can make to your business. The automation will allow lawyers to devote more time to valuable and strategic work with the more manual and repetitive tasks being automated for them. 

Skepticism towards digital transformation in the law sector is rife due to large well-established firms believing they do not need to change the way they operate as what they have been doing has worked for them for decades. While we appreciate this may have been true up to now, we believe it will not be the case for much longer as clients’ needs are changing in many ways. A rising number of clients are demanding more for less with fixed price fees and with this, are expecting rapid service. Therefore, the need for efficiency is paramount in order to stay competitive. Automating previously manual tasks, digitally transforming/integrating processes and migrating systems to cloud will greatly improve efficiency thus keeping the firm highly if not more competitive than they were before.    

Current applications of AI in legal work include: 

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts 
  • Mining documents in discovery and due diligence  
  • Answering routine questions 
  • Sifting through data to predict outcomes 

Maximise billable time and gain an edge on the competition

Another modern challenge that law firms may be struggling with is the ability to manage and productively interpret huge amounts of internally produced data. Microsoft’s Power BI application, that will be demonstrated by Circyl at this event, is an extremely useful and low-cost tool that will allow firms to visualise analytics with ease, with a single view of their data. As a result of this, it can greatly reduce the time spent on non-billable tasks and can alleviate lawyers’ time for more strategic and valuable work.

Having high-level visual reports that are updated in real time will give employees confidence in their data and allow them to make effective decisions much faster, increasing efficiency and their all-round competitiveness. The dashboards will allow all members of staff to view and manager their own performance as well as their peer’s which can help in driving accountability and performance. This should in turn result in increased billable hours.

Live case study – Migrating De Pinna to the Cloud

Don’t just take our word for it! A live case study from De Pinna will show the experience and benefits of migrating a legal firm to the cloud and automating processes. Hear how this shift to Cloud allowed them to take control of their data and build a secure modern workplace as well as automating redundant manual processes and increasing collaboration across their workforce.  

Cyber Security 

With the growing emphasis surrounding GDPR and cyber security, it is integral that Law firms are doing their upmost to protect their client’s highly sensitive data. Those running legacy systems and unpatched on-prem applications are at risk of falling behind! Much of the competition will have migrated their systems to far more secure cloud-based ones, the likes of Azure which is maintained and secured by Microsoft who have superior security measures in place. This is particularly relevant in the Law industry with the vast amount of sensitive data being handled and the devastating effect a breach of said data would have on the reputation of the firm. 


If this sounds interesting and you feel that you may benefit from it, why not sign up and come along to the event on September the 18th! Check out our EventBrite link here!

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