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Join us on April 4th for our Incremental Transformation in Housing Event!

Rob MeehanFebruary 4th 2019

cloudThing, partnered with Microsoft, are hosting an event directed at the Housing industry to demonstrate how Dynamics 365 and AI can incrementally transform Housing Associations.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time talking business and technology change in Housing on our website, this time we’re going to be doing it live and in person! We’re joining forces with Microsoft on Thursday 4th April to deliver some informative demonstrations of how a Housing Association can incrementally improve their services through technology without a huge initial investment. The event will be hosted at Microsoft’s offices in Paddington, London – with food, refreshments and time for networking provided.  

It’s not necessarily a “techie” event, as a lot of what we will be discussing is strategic change and implementation. That said, we’ll also be showing Dynamics CRM as a Housing Sector solution and how we can integrate it into existing solutions where required.  

Here’s a list of the speakers and sessions below: 

  • Introductions: Felix Ashwood, Microsoft, Scott Jenkins, cloudThing  
  • IT Strategy in Housing Associations: Mike Eckersley cloudThing  
  • Dynamics 365 as a Housing Management Service: Fran Thomas, cloudThing  
  • Free Lunch! 
  • Machine Learning and Automation within Azure: Ed Yau, cloudThing  
  • Social Contact Centre Automation: Fran Thomas, Scott Jenkins cloudThing  
  • Networking 

To find out more information on each session, you can visit our event page!

If you work in the Housing Sector and are interested, please do sign up quickly as tickets are limited. We’ve already at over half capacity with attendees from multiple Housing Associations, so be quick to ensure you don’t miss out! 

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