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How To Increase Supply Chain Efficiency With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Control Towers – The Tech That’s Changing Logistics Forever

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Supply Chain Digital Twins – The What, The Who & The Why You Really Need One Now…

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On-Demand Logistics & The Tech That Makes It Possible

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What Is… Insurtech?

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in Legal Sector

4 Ways Technology Is Disrupting The Legal Sector

With the pace of technological advancement ever increasing, there’ll inevitably be digital disruptions to established sectors.   Will the Legal Sector be affected? Should your firm be concerned? Are there ways to combat these disruptions? Is that even the right thing to do?   Truth be told… not everything can be digitalised within the Legal […]

Top 6 Digital Impacts On Membership Organisations

Technology is impacting Membership Organisations at an increasing rate and it’s never been more vital to understand the challenges digital disruption can both bring and solve   These digital disruptions will affect both member retention and member experience so the importance of understanding your own data and being able to analyse and utilise it to adapt to […]

in NonProfit

Processing & Auditing Of Gift Aid Made Easier With giftaidThing

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, giftaidThing, helps organisations deal with Gift Aid donations (via SMS, paper or online), their validations and submissions to HMRC giftaidThing makes sure that there aren’t any errors in gift aid submissions and therefore helps to make the processes more efficient, both in time and money. giftaidThing…what is it and why should NonProfit’s […]

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