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Team as a Service- it's as easy as baking a cake...

Julie WhitingFebruary 21st 2019

When it comes to implementing a new process, system or other within your organisation, you need to have a plan of what needs doing and what personnel you require in order to complete the project/task in hand. It’s very much like choosing a cake to bake and having the ingredients and techniques to be able to make it. cloudThing's new service, Team as a Service, allows you to choose the people you need in order to get your project to where it needs to be, whether that's strengthening or expanding your team, we'll 'rise' to the occasion...

When it comes to implementing a new process, system or other within your organisation, you need to have a plan of what needs doing and what personnel you require in order to complete the project/task in hand.It’s very much like choosing a cake to bake and having the ingredients and techniques to be able to make it. If you need help, cloudThing are here to offer personnel and their skills, bespoke to your needs (of your project, although we’d be happy to help bake as well!). How is this possible and why would organisations be interested in our ‘Team as a Service’? I’m glad you asked. In order to stay ahead of competitors, organisations need to be continuously improving their technologies and services as this will allow them to keep up with the modern technological world, and the people within it. Here at cloudThing, we can offer your organisation a team of technical, creative and business minded people who look to exceed expectations, produce quality work, and make a difference across projects. In effect, you can supercharge your existing team with our proven professionals who are trained to work together and are experienced in delivering multi-million-pound projects at a reasonable pace- all this without having to put extra employees on your payroll. Now’s that’s what we call being efficient and effective! What’s more, thanks to the Team as a Service model, clients can enjoy low rates compared to the high costs of contracting or hiring and can be certain that the chosen teams will deliver. Other benefits? See for yourself:

So, is it a complicated process? Not at all, it’s as easy as baking a cake... let me explain. Let’s say we want to implement a new process or system, which in this analogy, will be a chocolate fudge cake (delicious). So now that you’ve chosen what you want, you have to make sure you have a strategy so that you can implement it, in relation to the cake, this is the recipe. With our agile approach, we are flexible in making something bespoke to you, so the power is in your hands! We now have our cake (the process/system) we want and the recipe (strategy) that we are going to follow. 

The second step is where we choose the ingredients and help that we need in order to bake this cake. If you haven’t got many if any of the ingredients (this would be the personnel and strategy needed to achieve the end result) and needed the delivery of the project being looked after especially, then the fully outsourced option is for you! Here, we will take control of the development, project management and solution architecture, allowing you to focus on the strategic objectives rather than how it’s technically delivered.So, we’ll do all the making and baking and you can sit back and relax!

If you have some of the ingredients but need to go out and buy more(more personnel/skills), the co-sourced option would be your more favoured selection. We will complement your existing development team and the skill sets that you already possess,with our technical or project-based delivery skills, whatever is required.We aim to support everyone and make sure that productivity is high whenever possible. If you need to up-skill your resources, we can certainly help with that. 

Finally, if you have all the ingredients but want to ‘spice it up’ and add more depth and lightness to the cake but don’t have the techniques to do so, we can cover the areas that your internal resources are maybe less familiar with or we can scale up the team if there is a time sensitive requirement. Whether it’s development, DevOps, Dynamics 365, testing or architectural work, we can help you cover it with our Augmented option.

Now that we’ve chosen our way forward and decided on our cake, recipe and ingredients and techniques needed, it’s time to get started! You can choose from a range of personnel at cloudThing who are ready to help you with your project. People such as:

  • UX Design 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Solution Architecture 
  • DevOps 
  • SharePoint Development 
  • Dynamics Development 
  • Dynamics Architecture 
  • Data Science 
  • Business Architecture 
  • Software Development

Do cloudThing have any Accelerators that can make productivity simple?

At cloudThing, our mission is to Build Future, ensuring that everything we build is future proofed, adaptable and reusable.Therefore, this has enabled us to build a large library of Accelerators which have reusable code elements, add-ons and automated processes that speed up the software delivery.More often than not, our customers believe that their problem is unique and not compatible to others, but the truth is, we’ve probably already solved that problem once before, so solving it again will be even quicker which results in the development time being as productive and efficient as possible- hooray! 

Do you want to try out our ‘Team as a Service’? Let me summarise the three simple steps for you: 

Step 1: Build a hyper-productive cloudThing team (so choosing from being Fully Sourced, Co-Sourced or Augmented) 

Step 2: Choose your team members required 

Step 3: Fill in the short form on our ‘Team as a Service’ page and submit! It’s as easy as that and isn’t time consuming! 

If you have any questions about how ‘Team as a Service’ may be able to help you, or if you are unsure as to whether we can help or not, get it touch with us and we’d be more than happy to have a chat! Come and get a ‘slice’ of the action...

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