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Webinar: Enhancing the User Experience in Membership Organisations

Rob MeehanSeptember 12th 2019

Why is it important to the member experience to take a design-thinking approach? Join us on 17th October 2019 at our free to attend webinar where we'll discuss the User Experience and more...

The digital landscape is changing, bringing much disruption to the membership sector and chartered institutions. With increasing membership churn and the cost of attaining new members increasing, functionality is no longer enough to succeed and customer experience is what frequently determines success and failure. By putting your members at the heart of the design process, you’ll create intuitive experiences that deliver high customer satisfaction, drive up membership numbers and increase retention.

We will cover:

  • What is design thinking and why is it essential to success?
  • How to create great customer experiences
  • Examples of work we’ve done with our customers in the sector
  • Steps on how to get started

In this webinar, the Head of Design at cloudThing, Dan Humpherson, will discuss the insights we have gained from working with large membership organisations across the globe such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants and how these approaches can apply across the sector. While transformation is a hot topic, many organisations risk implementing systems that will not be adopted or appreciated by their target users. This can lead to a decline in membership as users see the organisation as either old fashioned or too complex depending on how technology is received.

Dan has years of experience in ensuring digital change that will appeal to all stakeholders within an organisation, and that the software delivered to transform the business is a joy to use.

The insight gained from this webinar will allow business decision makers to understand the benefits of focusing on customer experience and how it can impact your organisation. Dan will illustrate the design thinking process and some key activities to bring to life how this approach can drive value for institutes or charterships.

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