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What is DevOps?

Julie WhitingMarch 4th 2019

"DevOps at cloudThing means looking after our customer's estates"- Gareth Porter, Head of DevOps, cloudThing. We look after the whole journey from the code's creation, all the way to its deployment, by managing code in respositories and version control code (where changes are recorded, monitored and tested to maintain our quality of work). Read on to find out more about DevOps at cloudThing...

DevOps has been around for a while and so has many different opinions and definitions, but the main misconception is that DevOps is a ‘support service’- it’s not. Yes, DevOps engineers solve problems within coding etc, but they actually look after the whole journey, from the code’s creation, to its deployment. We, at cloudThing, manage code in repositories, version control code (so changes are recorded, monitored and tested to maintain our quality of work), and then it’s deployed into the customer’s solution. Simple!

When do DevOps typically get involved with a project?

From the very start of a project, DevOps are involved. This includes the technical architecture and the building of the infrastructure that’s going to support the solution. It’s here that the engineers will design the architecture in conjunction with the Solution Architects to make sure that we are using best practice, because quality and precision is what we pride ourselves on. Security is another big subject in today’s technological world, what with the GDPR in action, and we can help those who need to implement specific security requirements in their organisations- our team uses Azure DevOps to deploy code. As mentioned earlier, DevOps manages infrastructure and as an extra bonus, has the knowledge and intelligence in how to fix it if an issue should arise, or enroll any updates that are needed. We are a well-rounded team who look to exceed expectations provide a quality service. 

At cloudThing, what are the skills and attributes of our DevOps engineers?

Within all our engineers, we have an inner/outer geek and a love for DevOps. We have a high attention to detail, the ability to understand and keep an eye on all of the rotating parts within a project and have a vast range of technical knowledge and thirst for new solutions. As technology advances, we must keep up with it to optimise and use what’s available to the best of its ability.


“DevOps at cloudThing means looking after our customer’s estates.”

Gareth Porter- Head of DevOps, cloudThing


What is cloudThing’s ‘DevOps as a Service’?

DevOps as a Service is ideal for customers who have established environments already but are looking for more stability and or quicker response times. We can put a DevOps engineer in there who can manage deployment, implement the necessary updates and fix any issues that have cropped up. Our engineers will work closely alongside the developers on the client’s side to make improvements, performance, monitor environments and suggest changes/updates. We look to continuously optimise the coding phase, where its hosted and how it communicates so we can provide efficiency and a productive service for the client.  


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