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Dave HarrisSeptember 24th 2018

A short account from Dave Harris, our newest UK recruit. Dave is joining us as a Dynamics Solution Architect and took the time to discuss the hiring process and why he decided to join the cloudThing family!

I am (for now) the newest recruit at cloudThing’s UK offices in Belbroughton. I say ‘for now’ because we are growing, quickly it seems, in order to meet the exciting challenges that our customers present us with.

I specialise in Dynamics and I’ve worked for a number of partners during my years in the industry. I’d already heard good things about cloudThing and when the opportunity arose to talk to them I was pleased to accept. I arrived unsuitably dressed in my suit on a scorching July day - I could see that cloudThing lets you wear what makes you work comfortably. Time to break out the flip-flops?

I was interviewed by Jay, Fran and Craig who shared with me the cloudThing mission of delivering complex projects with beautiful and futureproof software. We chatted about my own ideals and there were questions about my experience and technical capabilities to determine how I would fit in the team.  This is where they told me of their “Agile Everywhere” approach to projects. By recognising that customers' requirements can and do change, and that customers can find it difficult to verbalise their requirements exactly, they have a process for this managed by their team of Programme and Project Managers. This allows customers to prioritise their most important requirements and visualise the solution with wireframes before committing to development. Managing expectations and customer involvement is key - there are no secrets here.

Almost everything is in the cloud nowadays. It just happens thanks to companies like Microsoft and whilst this is partly true, it also needs some technical wizardry to ensure that ‘the cloud’ is configured perfectly for the customer and should a problem occur, the customer can be back up and running quickly so that business can continue. I was introduced to the cloudThing DevOps team who take the helm and work their magic!

So, September arrives and I'm on board the cloudThing team. There is a clear and structured induction process, and a 'buddy' to ensure that I can find everything I need. The structured induction ensured that I understood how the business operates its processes which is necessary for ISO compliance. In my short time here, it’s clear that cloudThing wants me to be the best I can be. They take a nurturing approach, which gives me freedom to express ideas, discover emerging technologies, and learn. Yes, there is lots of learning but in an exciting way, that as a solutions architect, helps me creatively meet my customers' requirements. They knowingly put me just outside my comfort zone and are teaching this old dog a few new tricks.

The office is a great place to work, stocked with snacks and countryside just outside to get some headspace with a brisk walk. I've been made to feel extremely welcome by both the local and remote teams within cloudThing. I’m proud to be a cloudThing-er and looking forward to what the future holds! Build Future!

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