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Grow And Transform Your Business With The New AZURE Commerce Experience In CSP

Grow your business with the new commerce experience for Azure in the CSP program

#BuildFuture is at the heart of every decision cloudThing makes. We strive to grow our partners digital capabilities and make our solutions Agile enough to adapt to anything the future might bring.

Which is exactly why we’re all so excited to introduce you to the New Azure Modern Experience in CSP.


The new Modern Azure commerce experience has been fully designed around the concept of added value.

Microsoft will be encouraging partners like cloudThing to focus on driving customer (your) success via value-added services that generate sustainable profitability… or to put it into cloudThing’s language… create solutions that #BuildFuture.

What Does The New Azure Modern Experience Mean For You?

Your new Azure commerce experience has been created to both streamline and consolidate the way you buy and consume Azure services.

It will massively simplify the purchase experience, as you’ll be able to create as many Azure subscriptions as you need, all under one plan.

To simplify that further, that overarching ‘Azure Plan’ will basically be an ‘empty shell’ that is used to contain all your Azure subscriptions, but it will give you access to a multitude of additional reporting capabilities and dashboards through the Azure portal and ACM (Azure Cost Management).


It’s been created as a commercial structure that will house all your Azure ‘pay-as-you-go’ services and resources that were previously only available in other sales motions but are now available in CSP for greater flexibility and security. 

You’ll have all the tools you need to, at a glance, be able to plan for, analyse and reduce unnecessary spending, allowing you to effectively maximise your cloud investment.

That’s been achieved by giving end users access to a new set of tools to monitor, allocate and optimise ongoing cloud costs with in-depth analytics.

You’ll also only be invoiced for the consumption of Azure resources that have been specifically mapped to your Azure plan, simplifying the partner purchase experience as a partner (like cloudThing) will be able to provision multiple Azure subscriptions, all under one plan.

What Is Azure Cost Management?

Azure Cost Management (ACM) is a free solution that’s offered to any and all Azure customers and can be accessed via their Azure portal.

It’s there to provide information about overall costs across all an end-users Azure services and marketplace products as well as providing insights, reports, and can even provide data about your organisations use of other cloud providers.


Once it’s been enabled, Azure Cost Management will continuously monitor all of an organisation’s resources and provide ongoing reports. It can even be integrated with Azure Advisor to garner cost recommendations that are specifically tailored to your usage.


Perhaps the biggest benefit to ACM is its ability to map cloud costs to specific departments or projects.

ACM is capable of classifying your resources into multiple buckets using something Microsoft refer to as cost entities.

Cost entities are departments or projects within a single organisation that pay for Azure services. It can also create a cost model that will structure your Azure resourcing according to ‘tags’ that different teams have applied to their required Azure resources.


Once those cost entities and models have been accurately defined (something cloudThing is always happy to help with) the various teams within an organisation can use ACM to both view and investigate unexpected costs associated with their specific budgets. Alerts can also be set to warn or limit overuse for projects, teams or even specific users.

How Do I Qualify For Modern Azure?

To be able to move to Modern Azure, Microsoft have set up a series of simple pre-requisites, making you eligible if:


  • An indirect reseller has signed the Microsoft Partner Agreement
  • The end-user has accepted the Microsoft Customer Agreement
  • The subscription is in active status.

However, it’s worth noting that once an end-user is moved to Azure Modern, they won’t be able to move back to Legacy.

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