Business Architecture Optimisation

Understand the value your organisation can gain through improving your digital Business Architecture with a Microsoft Gold accredited Partner


Business Architecture Optimisation Description

Contract out cloudThing’s Business Architecture services.

Leverage our expertise and experience to identify opportunities to improve your digital architecture using best practice methodology following Lean 6-Sigma principles.

We’re a Microsoft Gold accredited Partner with demonstrable experience in the delivery of Digital Transformation programmes for enterprise organisations in multiple business sectors.

Business Architecture Optimisation



  • Business Architecture service for enterprise digital transformation in all sectors
  • Map your digital landscape, including staff, customer and supplier processes
  • Define your target business architecture, ‘As Is’ -‘To Be’
  • Objectively challenge the status quo, to refine & streamline processes
  • Engage through proven, interactive, collaborative discovery workshops with business stakeholders
  • Delivered using best practice Six Sigma principles & methodology
  • Technology agnostic – any current digital architecture can be assessed
  • Produce recommendations report to share with wider business stakeholders
  • Flexible engagement choices with easy access to additional related services
  • Gain knowledge transfer of SIPOC and Sigma 6 techniques

Application Research & Development

Work with cloudThing’s business and design teams to identify opportunities to in new and existing markets to disrupt and offer a new digital product. Clearly define a problem and solve it through a new digital service, validating the solution with real users before investment.


Design Thinking

Start-ups and existing organisations alike are always looking for new revenue streams by offering something unique to users through digital technology.

This is of course, much easier said than done and requires a great deal of work prior to the first line of code even being written to do everything possible to ensure that your investment in a new service will be a success.

cloudThings design approach is to view any digital service as a ‘product’.

While products are often thought of as physical items, even SaaS digital products, every a service should be approached in this manner.

The reason for this, is to approach the ‘product’ as a user, understand who would use this product, what they would expect from it, how they would use it if they had no prior experience of using it and what are they likely pay for to take advantage of it.




This is the first stage of the cloudThing design thinking process, which although not totally linear, revolves around building personas clearly for all users of the product and validating these stories clearly with real users in workshops.

Defining this early helps ensure all parties from management, developers to potential investors all have the same clearly defined objectives for the product build and a shared vision for the reason for the product to exist.

Extensive research into the potential product, the existing landscape and competitive analysis is then undertaken by our design team, through a combination of user interviews, contextual inquiries and wire-framing mean that the design for your product is built with the user at it’s heart and there is no disconnect between the vision for what the product ‘should be’ and what it is.

In parallel to the design process, is the Business Architecture, which is to ensure the long-term success of the investment for the project.

We’re experienced at building products as a platform, which can allow for future integration with third parties, roadmap for future features and defining what the MVP looks like.

We then interpret both the business architecture requirements and wireframe designs into functional User Stories into user personas, scenarios, user journeys and a coherent information architecture that allows us to produce working prototypes we can iterate and refine with you.

The final step is to produce the Hi-Fidelty designs that bring it all to life.

This helps build a business case to investors and ensures the overall solution architecture for the product is tied closely to the initial design research and built for the future of the product.


Business Transformation

True transformation does not happen overnight and neither should it. We are able to cut through the buzzword and show how incremental improvements to processes and programmes will empower your people; putting all the pieces in place, allowing you to fail fast and early but win big, future proofing your transformation project from the beginning!


Getting Started

Digital Transformation is a hugely overused term in the tech industry.

It’s been used to describe a huge variety of projects, with 80% of CIOs feeling under pressure to deliver ‘transformation’.

Having a common definition across the organisation is more important than ever.

Transformation is a fundamental change in something.

It is not something done faster or smarter but completely and utterly differently.

For a business, this all comes down to processes. If you wish to use technology, to do what you do today, but faster – then you are not looking to transform and that is absolutely fine.

Paramount to any successful project is clearly defined goals and outcomes, making sure the entire organisation understands the journey, the ambition and what is required to get there, whether it’s transformation or just getting more efficient, spelling this out early is key.

From here, you can work backwards from your desired ‘target state’ to where you are today.

Map out your current processes, stakeholders, suppliers and technology. Only then can you identify what needs to change to reach your desired state.

You can then work incrementally to deliver this change in stages, meaning value is realised earlier and stakeholders see the benefits of the project.


Mitigate Risk By Having A Future Proof Strategy

Transformation is achieved through a mindset of Continuous Improvement across the organisation.

Without making changes and daring to innovate, organisations in any sector can get left behind.

Risk will always arise when any changed is proposed and be prevalent within a transformation project, however we have discovered that by taking a modular approach an organisation can actually keep risk to the bare minimum yet maximise reward whilst continuously improving their IT services.


Business Architecture allows us to take a modular approach to change by improving process and methods before introducing software. This leads to improving and stream lining the way we can engage but by locking the improvement in gets you rewarded early in to the project

Process Automation

Saving time, money and staff resource through well implemented Process Automation


Shrink Time, Close Distance

Fundamentally, cloudThing are an organisation who specialise in business and technical consulting to help an organisation shrink time and shorten distances through digital technology.

The technology changes; it could be a bespoke application, it could be by customising something off the shelf or it could be a data science process to surface new features from existing data.

What does not change however is the hard work that goes in prior to the delivery of the technology… A detailed business workshop to map out all processes across all users that make up the organisation, from suppliers, to staff, to customers.



From this, we can work out the ‘ideal state’ of your organisation, and the ‘true state’ of how things are now – based on what management perceives the process to be, and what is the process in practice.

We can then workshop with users to identify opportunities to reduce manual data entry, erase duplication of processes and spot areas to enhance processes by integrating data insights from other areas of the organisation.

A good way to imagine the change from manual to digital processes is that of the effort required to replicate sheet music, either completely digitally with minimal effort via an automated recording or by enhancing staff with technology to make a live performance more compelling.

With business know-how and expertise we can advise your organisation on which approach makes the most sense and how achievable it is based on your budget.

Often, the technology to deliver unique experiences is already available off the shelf, but just requires a modern, cloud platform to integrate and deliver it.

Selecting The Right Technology

Once we have mapped processes, we can work with you to choose the approach to optimise and automate them.

Through exploratory analysis we will analyse the relevant data to the process and build a hypotheses about how it could be automated.

Our Solution Architects will then suggest the least resource intensive way of achieving this based on cost to integrate or develop the solution, time to train users and the cost associated with maintaining the solution.

We can then test the viability of the technology and the automation hypotheses through observation of users interacting with a prototype or wireframes.