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Fixed Price Projects

Our fixed price projects are made possible through our industry-leading methodology. No hidden costs, total transparency, guaranteed results delivered right on time.

Our Delivery Process

How fixed cost projects work

Thanks to our secret formula, we can accurately price and deliver projects of all shapes and sizes.

Step One - Discover

First, we listen and understand your business and objectives. Then, through a combination of research, information gathering, workshops and process analysis we determine what solution will help you achieve these objectives. We then break down these complex concepts into User Stories, accessible to both IT and Business folk alike and wrestle these into coherent functional releases. These inform the Solution and Technical Architectures that define the technical components and their interactions that deliver the vision. Finally, we can accurately cost and produce a detailed delivery plan.

Step Two - Design

First, we research user behaviour, brand and competitors in your market to ensure we have designed software that's intuitive and inclusive to all users in your industry. We then interpret the functional User Stories into user personas, scenarios, user journeys and a coherent information architecture that allows us to produce working prototypes we can iterate and refine with you. The final step is to produce the Hi-Fidelty designs that bring it all to life.

Step Three - Deliver

The first step to a successful delivery is to establish the right governance reporting, tooling and to build the delivery team. Next, we put in place the Agile project management to run the delivery and, if needed, wrap in PRINCE2 for senior stakeholders. Once this is complete, we are into delivery where, within an Agile Sprint cycle, we plan, develop, test and iterate to deliver the vision. Our Delivery process is transparent and measurable throughout the project. We ensure end users and clients engage in planning and perform ongoing tests of working features at every step of the process.

Step Four - DevOps

When the initial software development project is complete, we work with clients to define ongoing service needs and transition to an ongoing DevOps operation. From 4th line support to a full managed service, we can ensure the steady state solution is continuously improved and supported by experts who can make changes routinely and safely.

Step 2

What services might you need?

Don't worry we won't hold you to these


Cradle to grave application and infrastructure management.

Our DevOps engineers are the backbone of a project. They've deployed, tested and optimised infrastructure as code on numerous projects. You'll get a named lead DevOps engineer to work with you throughout your project.

Software Architecture

Understanding your vision and turning it into reality.

Our Architects are varied in background, skills and tech stack. They share a common set of motivations and love of all things new. They will work closely with you to understand your goals, and build a solution to get you there.

Dynamics 365

We believe Dynamics is the most effective piece of business software available on the market.

Through a common data model, correct process management and the right blend of configuration, customisation and development, Dynamics can completely transform every aspect of an organisation for the better.

Bespoke Development

We've got hugely talented software magicians ready to work their magic.

We love to develop the new, the interesting and the useful. We also like to accelerate the development process through our unique methodology and accelerators. That means that any development we do is efficient, and truly cutting edge every time.

Data Migration

You name it, we've migrated it. Whether you prefer your data in the cloud, hybrid or old fashioned, we can move it for you.

We have a tried and tested process for identifying, understanding and migrating client data to minimise risk and downtime. We then work with you to help make the most of the data made available.

Project Management

Keeping everyone on track and in the loop.

Complex, multi-year project management requires a unique skill set. Our Project Managers are used to working at a fixed cost and under high pressure with a smile on their face.

UX Design

Making software intuitive and a joy to use.

We take UX Design to another level and our processes not only make sure that the requirements are met, but that both the client and cloudThing have a clear understanding of what needs to happen and how we can make it possible.

Data Science

AI, ML, Blockchain and most importantly, Humans Insight at your disposal.

Our Data Scientists pride themselves on designing solutions that are realistic, adaptable and take advantage of the latest technology. Make more of your data through tech such as Machine Learning, AI and Blockchain.

Step 3

Ready to discuss your project?

One of our boffins will be in touch

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We already knew cloudThing’s Management Team and chose to work with cloudThing because they possessed a unique mix of deep technical knowledge, an eye for design, commercial acumen and have operated multi-million user systems & products that were extremely well respected in our industry.

Adrian Burt, Managing Director



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