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Team as a Service

Team as a Service (TaaS) is a way to commission cloudThing’s unique people and processes, to efficiently deliver quality technology projects.

Step 1

How TaaS Works

Build a hyper-productive cloudThing team of varying size, shape and skills.

Fully Outsourced

We take care of the solution architecture, project management and development, leaving you to focus on strategic objectives and development direction, rather than technical delivery.


We run a project team day-to-day utilising both your in-house resource and our own people. We ensure everybody is supported, embedded and productive while working with us from day one. We’ll even help upskill your resources wherever we can.


A majority client development team, typically run to your tooling and processes, with cloudThing resource surgically fulfilling expertise and capacity gaps.  Whether it’s development, Dynamics 365, DevOps, architecture or testing, we’ll help you cover it.


“The benefits of working with cloudThing DevOps has been more than just getting a new solution, our internal developers are now better developers thanks to working with cloudThing’s DevOps team. We’ve been able to beta test features in Azure by building a trusted partnership between Microsoft, cloudThing and ourselves. The portal has been a real opportunity for the three organisations to build new things, test them, deploy them and learn.”

Pete Jones - Chief Technology Officer

Ellis Whittam


Step 2

Select your skills

What disciplines are required for your project?

UX Design

Artists with code and wireframes alike.

A UX Designer can give a solution it's 'soul' by acting as a champion for the users to developers. They'll ensure that any software is intuitive, solves real world problems and works from day one.

Graphic Design

If you've got an idea, they can make it beautiful.

Graphic Designers can elevate an application to the next level. An application needs to work effortlessly and look beautiful to be a success in the long term.

Solution Architecture

Need somebody to take a look at the bigger picture?

Our cloudThing 'unicorns' who are masters of solving the impossible problems through a variety of technological knowhow and business acumen. Gifted in talking to senior business leaders and hardcore techies alike.


Manage deployments, infrastructure and more.

DevOps is the lifeblood of a long term project. To have consistency and expertise in setting up environments, migrating services and maintaining secure, compliant data is key to almost any software project.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint can solve a huge amount of problems, it just needs some a combination of code and patience to make it happen.

All the skills you need to build apps, add-ins, and solutions for SharePoint. The business platform can be customised to ensure you get the most from your investment in Microsoft.

Dynamics Development

Dynamics is best bespoke. Developers can assist with customisation, integration and more.

Our Dynamics transformations are built around configuring, optimising and customising Dynamics to suit business needs. A Dynamics developer will make sure Dynamics fits your business, not the other way around.

Dynamics Architecture

Industry leading experts available to advise, design or consult where required.

Our Dynamics credentials are second to none, thanks to these incredible people. They can analyse a business, understand pain points and create a symphony of Dynamics apps that work for multiple departments and users.

Data Science

More than just spreadsheets. Build something space-age with Data.

A Data Scientist can be the difference between software being good, and being revolutionary. We'll take a fresh perspective at existing data, to make it work harder.

Business Architecture

Business processes re-engineered to maximise your tech investment.

When you have a large scale transformation, a Business Architect ensures that the solution will work for every user from front-line services to Senior Management. Involving your users gets them on board for transformation, and ensures change is managed.

Software Development

Warriors with code, across multiple languages and disciplines.

Of course, a Software Developer means that they have a lot of different languages, skills and levels of experience. Luckily, we have a development stack that suits 99% of clients. We'll make sure we assign the right people to code your dream.

Step 3

Send an enquiry

One of our boffins will be in touch to discuss team sizes for your project

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