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Microsoft’s Quantum Researchers Have Identified The Largest Quantum Speedup For Unstructured Problems

Sun May 17 2020

Quantum Computing, the dream of every techy, just took a huge step closer ...

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house of commons, green benches, nearly empty, MP's in suits

MP’s Call For Urgent Infrastructure Review In The Wake Of COVID-19

Sun May 17 2020

The All-Party Parliamentary Group For Social Integration Calls Warns Future Volunteers May Be Discouraged

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NCVO Chief Says Not-For-Profit Sector Needs Emergency Funding Sooner

Sun May 17 2020

Karl Wilding, CEO of the NCVO, has said the Governments process for allocating the £750m of government support is 'bedevilled by delay and a lack of transparency'

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Keyboard underlit with red light

Official: The UK’s Average Password Strength Isn’t Great

Sun May 17 2020

As COVID-19 related scams go through the roof, Police advice people review their password security

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Microsoft Moves To End The Bane Of Modern Office Life

Mon May 11 2020

This week Microsoft have begun rolling out a feature called “Reply All Storm Protection”

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Gov Grants GCHQ Extended Powers To Claim Data From The NHS

Mon May 04 2020

Matt Hancock grants additional powers to GCHQ to access confidential NHS data

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NASA satellite orbiting the earth with a view of the globe, clouds and sea in the background

MI5 & Other Spy Agencies Urgently Need AI To Fight International Threats

Sun May 03 2020

A recent Government report states all UK spy agencies need to adopt AI technologies to help combat emerging threats in the global arena

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