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cloudThing Are Proud To Be Rebranding As Kerv Digital

09th Jun 2022
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Initiatives Underway to Improve Diversity In Environmental Workforce In The UK

12th Apr 2022
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Billions To Be Raised By Health And Social Care Levy, Massive Reforms To Adult Social Care Underway

12th Apr 2022
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NATO Identifies Emerging And Disruptive Technologies – UK To Headquarter The Defence Innovation Hub

12th Apr 2022
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New Bus Scheme Set To Increase Public Transport Use by 10%

12th Apr 2022

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UK’s Investment Into Sustainability, Research & Development For The Arctic Region

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced the new UK defence strategy to maintain stability in the Arctic Region, and a brief with those participating in COLD RESPONSE 22.   Plans to protect critical underwater infrastructure have been announced in Norway by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, as the UK’s Defence Contribution in the High North outlined, […]

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Breakthrough For Scalable Quantum Computing

Microsoft’s pursuit of a working, scalable quantum computer has hit a breakthrough, according to researchers.   Current working quantum computers of competitors include a small number of qubits (the current record of qubits is held at 200) and Microsoft, unlike IBM, Honeywell and Google, has researched more in-depth into topological qubits in the hope of […]

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RAF Completes First Drone Flight Powered By Synthetic Fuel

The Royal Air Force has successfully flown a four-metre drone with synthetic fuel, marking a milestone in the international collaboration between UK and US for alternative fuel. The work was done under Project Vermeer and this flight marks a groundbreaking advancement in their work to develop synthetic kerosene: an entirely fossil fuel-free aviation fuel. It […]

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