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What we do

The Building Blocks for cloudThing Magic


Creativity combined with solution architecture and project management expertise to build tomorrows software, today

Our Approach

Work agile. Love your customer. Understand your users. Solve the problem not the symptom.

We combine UK project management and creativity from our offices in the UK with coding skill from our offices in India to develop custom software for all purposes.

We re-imagine processes and systems to transform how your business uses technology.

We built cloudThing on a foundation of transparency and agile methodology, which has been proven time and time again, to save costs and deliver rapid results for customers of all shapes and sizes.

We're comfortable delivering a project as a wholly outsourced development team or we combine our skills with your existing talent to co-source a virtual project team.

We engage with clients regularly during the development process to ensure a perfect match between customer vision and the product. Best of all, you get what you pay for as our fixed cost approach means no creeping costs or hidden surprises.

Our Build Future ethos guides our development principles and won't work on a project we consider counter-productive or short-sighted.

We bake in future-proofing to ensure long term value from our work; we are language, technology and service agnostic with the skills to suit your preferences as an organisation.

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We are all developers at cloudThing. The development principles of build future, be transparent and love your user apply to every service, every product and every employee from Marketing to HR.

Fran Thomas, Technical Director

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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