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Delivering Awesome Experiences To Volunteers And Staff Alike

cloudThing In Nonprofits

As an ethical business, we love to support nonprofits deliver critical services to the vulnerable, whilst ensuring a first-class service to supporters and donors.

Experienced partner to deliver change in the nonprofit sector

Technology and Process Change

The nonprofit sector faces many challenges beyond just achieving their stated mission, and often feels a burden of responsibility to invest any money directly into their cause, rather than on organisational improvements. This can lead to outdated processes and technology creeping into daily use, causing a slowdown in efficiency, as well as large siloes between departments, volunteers, staff and supporters. We can assist by firstly, understanding your ambitions as an organisation, then helping you use technology to address challenges such as supporter engagement, personalisation of services, as well as ensuring business support staff and volunteers are productive and make use of the technology available.

We have worked with nonprofit organisations facing challenges and blockers in the way of the transformation. Through a focus on continuous improvement, we can help supercharge your processes, and deliver digital experiences across your nonprofit, even integrating into current systems.

Working with charities of all shapes and sizes

Ways we can help your Nonprofit

We're often engaged to help with the following

Deliver a personalised experience to supporters

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Improve digital culture across staff

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Automate historic processes with Dynamics 365

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Increase supporter retention

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Build intuitive volunteer rostering portals

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Consolidate siloed applications onto the cloud

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Ongoing DevOps Support

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“Partnering with cloudThing has to be one of the crucial strategic alliances our organization has entered into in recent years. Their unique approach to the Ushintsho Programme, anchored on a meaningful and transparent relationship with SAICA, ensured that together we develop a long-term, sustainable roadmap for our organization. It is this culture of collaboration and commitment from cloudThing that has made the Ushintsho Programme a success and will continue to propel cloudThing and our organization to greater heights.”

Lusanda Mququ - Project Director, SAICA

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Awesome Stuff

Services to Nonprofit

Supporter App Envisioning

Access our proven UX & Design capabilities to workshop potential new applications for supporters, volunteers and donors.

Cloud Migration Assessment

Our Award Winning DevOps team will help you get started with the Cloud or optimise your current implementation.

Data and AI Envisioning

AI projects carry an element of risk, we offer a structured approach to enable you to understand the potential within their data.

Culture Transformation

We offer a discovery workshop to start you on your journey of changing people and processes.

Dynamics Implementation

We can help organisations who wish to take advantage of the PowerPlatform understand how to build specific use cases for adoption of the technology.

DevOps as a Service

DevOps managed services will partner with your organisation, to optimise your people and code by making use of DevOps principles.


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