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Flexible Cloud Licensing

Optimise your Microsoft Licensing Agreements with Cloudthing

Our Approach

Work agile. Love your customer. Understand your users. Solve the problem not the symptom.

Working hand in hand with Microsoft as a Gold Partner gives us unique, behind the scenes knowledge of cloud-based solutions, letting us advise you on the latest innovations and most flexible licensing agreements available today

We combine UK project management and creativity from our offices in the UK with coding skill from our offices in India to develop custom software for all purposes.

We re-imagine processes and systems to transform how your business uses technology.

We built cloudThing on a foundation of transparency and agile methodology, which has been proven time and time again, to save costs and deliver rapid results for customers of all shapes and sizes.

We’re comfortable delivering a project as a wholly outsourced development team or we combine our skills with your existing talent to co-source a virtual project team.

We engage with clients regularly during the development process to ensure a perfect match between customer vision and the product. Best of all, you get what you pay for as our fixed cost approach means no creeping costs or hidden surprises

Our build Future ethos guides our development principles and won’t work on a project we consider counter-productive or short-sighted.

We bake in future-proofing to ensure long term value from our work; we are language, technology and service agnostic with the skills to suit your preferences as an organisation.

Choosing The Right Microsoft Licensing For You

More and more organisations are making the leap to cloud-based subscription services.

But with the lines constantly blurring and shifting between what’s available and what’s possible, with an organisations needs constantly evolving and with a world that’s never been less stable; you need experts to not only answer your licensing requirement needs, you need them to help frame the right questions in the first place.

Experts who can advise you on the right platforms and licenses your organisation needs for the now but who’ll be there to assist and advise when your needs change and who have planned for those needs into your digital roadmap.


Choosing The Right Microsoft 365 License

Choosing the right Microsoft 365 licensing subscription is key to getting the most out of the service.

cloudThing are happy to offer advice, set up, monitor and manage your Microsoft 365 (M365) and Office 365 (O365) licenses for you.


  • Enable teamwork and simplify workflow  – Collaborate, meet, call, and connect business apps—all in one place with Teams
  • Stay productive on the go – Easily transition from computer to mobile device with innovative and powerful mobile apps
  • Get more done with AI-enabled tools – Fuel creativity, discover new insights, elevate search, and get personalized assistance with built-in intelligence features
  • Harness organizational knowledge – Quickly turn data into insights and empower employees with the information and expertise they need to get their work done
  • Manage all your endpoints – Deploy a seamless, end-to-end management solution and gain visibility across all connected devices
  • Protect your business – Elevate and modernize your security, manage risk, and meet compliance standards with the trusted Microsoft cloud

What Licenses do you need?

When choosing which licenses your organisation needs to start their Digital Transformation journey it’s important to consider:

  • Long Term Goals – Are you looking for a slow, organic growth in a single vertical or are looking to aggressively expand and digitally disrupt your sector?
  • How Big Is Your Organisation – The number of staff you have and the functions they fulfil within your organisation will have a direct impact on the number and type of licenses and apps you’ll require
  • Cash Flow – Are you planning on buying your licenses outright or going down a subscription route? Have you checked out the pros and cons of each?
  • Cloud Migration – Are you already in the cloud, working on-prem, using a hybrid solution or currently transitioning from one method to the next? How will your licenses support that transition?
  • Continuous Improvement – Will the licenses you need now be the licenses you need tomorrow? Has that evolution been built into your digital roadmap?


Microsoft Azure Licensing With cloudThing


Azure is a platform of interoperable cloud computing services, including open-source, standards-based technologies and proprietary solutions from Microsoft and other companies.

Instead of building an on-premise server installation, or leasing physical servers from traditional data centres, Azure’s billing structure is based on resource consumption, not reserved capacity. Pricing varies between different types of services, storage types, and the physical location from which your Azure instances are hosted.


It offers the ability to instantly provision computing resources on demand.

Compared to the onerous task of planning and building an on-site data centre, along with the requisite hardware upgrades, maintenance costs, server cooling requirements, electricity costs, and use of floor space – the savings can add up very quickly


But the benefits of Azure extend beyond cost control.

The task of administering certain technologies such as Windows Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint can be greatly eased with the combination of Azure and Office 365.

This frees up IT staff to work on new projects, rather than spending time on general system upkeep.


It’s also billed on a PAYG basis with no upfront commitment required.

However, for predictable, always-on workloads savings can be achieved by purchasing reserved instances up-front

We are all developers at cloudThing. The development principles of build future, be transparent and love your user apply to every service, every product and every employee from Marketing to HR.

Will Dorrington, Technical Director

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