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Improving Customer Engagement, Automating Processes And Answering Big Questions With AI

Work agile. Love your customer. Understand your users. Solve the problem not the symptom.

Smart business leaders are aware of the urgency to make the most of their data; to develop products, services and operational practices that are more productive, personalised and valuable.

However, due to overlapping terms such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and many others besides, it’s increasingly difficult to pin-point the ‘how’ and ‘why’ they should be looking to develop their services – if many business leaders and industry professionals were asked to define each term, you would get many different answers.

What all these terms boil down to is using data to make predictions and enhancing products and services by intelligently integrating those predictions. That’s why we use the name Predictive Science to cover all these areas.

Our Predictive Science service is dedicated to demystifying the high-concept terms and demonstrating how to generate real value from these technologies. Often businesses don’t need to invest in an entire Data Team but need to understand more about the potential of their data and how to leverage AI.

As the barriers to using these technologies become lower, it will be the people who ask the right questions of data that deliver true innovation.

Our Predictive Science practice is embedded within cloudThing; integrated with our wider Development, Design and Business Architecture teams to design tech solutions at the vanguard of possibility to deliver measurable success, quickly.

Our Approach To DataScience

Our Predictive Science principles are guided by the same ‘Build Future’ philosophy that covers everything we do at cloudThing.

Transparency in our decision making, accountability for our actions and a dedication to long term value.

To design our approach to a Predictive Science solution, our team will work with you to understand two key things:

  • What is it you want to achieve
  • What data is at your disposal to get started.

We use a variety of Discovery-based approaches to help you unlock the true potential of your organisation to deliver innovative new offerings and improve existing services.

Whether you have a specific project lined up, or you want to Futureproof your data strategy for years to come, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

From there, we can recommend a strategy and technology from the Microsoft Stack to reach the desired outcome, as we would with any project.

Our Data Scientists and Software Architects pride themselves on designing solutions that are realistic, adaptable and robust enough to adjust to changing client or market demands.

When building a data modernisation platform we ensure that all our solutions take advantage of existing tools within the market.

Our Development team has the required experience to model, test and deliver a working algorithm and API, but when appropriate, we also look to take advantage of existing AI services which can hugely speed up both the development and testing process.

AI is most effective when it’s grounded. We see DataScience as an evolution of existing development practices and with the right mix of imagination and experience in how you put bleeding edge technologies together, you can create something magical.

Ed Yau- Solutions Architect at cloudThing

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