Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer an integrated service to provide users with the best possible sales tools. This integration simplifies a range of tasks for sales teams and works as an effective solution to many problems faced by modern sales teams today.

What Is Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool that focuses on enabling salespeople in three main areas:

Staying focused on the right prospects, staying informed and building trusted relationships. This service has existed for a number of years. Sales Navigator uses LinkedIn’s carefully developed algorithm to give personalised lead recommendations. 

The software also enables salespeople to save leads and follow updates on prospects so that users can form better connections.

Sales Navigator features a search function with premium filters – such as company size, to allow for effective lead scouting. It is possible to save up to 3000 leads and to view real-time updates on each saved lead. The updates include being able to see when a lead changes role, connects with someone in the user’s network, or when a company is mentioned in the news. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also allows users to see a full list of profile viewers so that salespeople can easily reach out to those interested in their service.

The service includes InMail messaging, which has been shown to get higher response rates than both cold calling and email marketing. InMail allows users to reach out to prospective clients even if they are not in the user’s LinkedIn network.

The team edition also features TeamLink, which shows who within the user’s own company has an existing connection with the potential lead. Both TeamLink and InMail exist to facilitate warmer conversations between leads and salespeople, helping establish immediate trust.

How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integrates with Dynamics 365

LinkedIn provided the integration of Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 with the intent to better fuel digital transformation of businesses, both by improving the effectiveness of existing sales teams and by acting as a modern solution to talent hunting.

Sales Navigator working in coordination with Dynamics provides a number of solutions to give a boost to sales personnel including:

  • Signals across email, CRM and LinkedIn can be used to get better recommendations for the next course of action within Dynamics 365. The two tools can work together to provide buyers with personally tailored content through the lifecycle of the account.
  • Existing relationships with contacts in Dynamics can be strengthened using information accessible through their LinkedIn profile. Sales Navigator personnel and company information is also displayed on every Dynamics lead page.
  • The system synchronises daily so that accounts and contacts worked on in Dynamics 365 are saved in Sales Navigator automatically, and vice versa.

The systems become tightly integrated, and this renders many currently complex tasks very simple.

The robust integration even extends to the cost; the Dynamics 365 for Sales package cost of the integrated systems is not too dissimilar from buying each service separately.

How the Integration Can Benefit Salespeople

There are three main ways that Dynamics 365 for Sales will help salespeople work more effectively and improve results. The first major potential benefit comes from the ability of the product to use signals found in emails, CRM, and LinkedIn for its action recommendations within Dynamics 365.

This simplifies the sales process and ensures actions are taken with the best possible information in mind. The program facilitates introductions through the company’s networks, using LinkedIn’s InMail, messages, and customised connection requests, to make reaching out to leads easier and more personal.

The second major advantage of the system to employees is that they can engage buyers with tailored content, and receive account and lead updates including news mentions and role changes.

This enables salespeople to form real, concrete connections with leads and potential leads, and to take relevant actions at the best possible moment.

The third major way the software is of potential benefit to salespeople is that it enables users to build strong relationships with existing contacts in Dynamics utilising LinkedIn’s profile details.

This can facilitate smoother small talk, and allow users to gleam potential opportunities to make a sale.

The integration is most helpful in forming new quality connections and increasing the quality of existing customer relationships.

Doug Complejohn, Head of Products at LinkedIn, says that they’ve learned that sales reps who win deals connect on average with three times as many people in the target account than those who lose deals.

With this in mind, the integration of the software is an excellent way to form these necessary connections and keep them healthy without taking an undue toll on the time of the sales staff.

The software integration is also a major problem solver and can aid in overcoming many daily challenges more quickly and efficiently.

For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer a range of tools when used in tandem that can help with ensuring the salesperson reach key decision makers, which is often a difficult task.

The live updates available with the software also enables sales teams to react actively to staff turnover and other immediate changes that may affect the usefulness of an existing lead.

For example, if a contact resigns, Dynamics and Sales Navigator allow users to immediately notice the change, at which point they can take the necessary actions to make a new contact within the desired organisation.

The service integration can considerably improve business efficiency whilst saving money.

Manually logging LinkedIn activity into dynamics 365 can take an immense amount of time. The integration of services means staff can operate normally with the utmost confidence in the delivery of the paired solutions. This enables organisations to concentrate their time on more proactive tasks.

The Benefits of Adding Sales Navigator for Existing Dynamics 365 Users

Adding Sales Navigator to Dynamics 365 can streamline the work process, which has numerous potential benefits for both performance and productivity. One of the LinkedIn features available directly within dynamics is the advanced “sales-specific” search tool.

These search functions can be used to make new contacts and nurture existing ones in a smooth, focused manner. Also, when a user views a contact within Dynamics 365, Sales Navigator will display profiles of relevant decision makers.

This tight integration allows existing users of Dynamics 365 opportunities to find the next big lead quickly and efficiently.

The TeamLink feature is another boon to existing Dynamics users. The salesperson can view if anyone within their company has an existing connection with the prospective lead.

This immediate access to connections means it is possible to instantly learn the possible ways to get a warm introduction to a potential lead. This reduces the need for cold calling and other forms of outreach activity that are much less personal and therefore less effective.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be accessed on mobile and tablet devices as mobile applications, enabling a workforce to work from any remote location.

Staff who have direct and integrated access to both LinkedIn and Dynamics from anywhere is a powerful benefit for many organisations, in particular for those businesses whose team regularly go out on the field, attend conferences, or require flexibility in their schedules.


The integration of Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn is a powerful sales tool for both existing CRM users and for those businesses interested in moving into digital transformation.

The range of features made possible by the integration, combined with the low cost, make the software worthwhile for sales teams wanting to streamline their processes, or teams wishing to focus more efficiently on their leads.

If you are interested in the potential benefits of Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, contact a Microsoft Dynamics 365 service integration partner today.