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Delivering Awesome Experiences That Place The Patient At The Heart Of The Solution 

cloudThing In Healthcare

We Love To Support The Health Sector Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs And Improve Interoperability Whilst Firmly Placing The Patient First

The Healthcare sector has been going through unprecedented change over the last few years, from evolving technologies and reduced budgets right through to global pandemics all whilst carrying the burden of offering the very best care available to all.

There’s often a lot of pressure to save costs which need to be balanced against providing world class healthcare for people. That can sometimes lead to unsuitable technology and processes creeping into daily use or the adoption of solutions that might be right ‘now’ but can be harmful to long term goals.

cloudThing can assist in combating this by firstly understanding your ambitions as an organisation, then helping to realise those ambitions through the use of technology, addressing challenges such as interoperability, budget constraints and a changing demographic insisting on a lot more immediacy than ever before.

We’ve worked with many healthcare organisations before facing similar challenges and blockers to effective digital transformation.

Our combination of  IP and accelerators, Power Platform knowledge and wealth of experience engineering and transforming existing data into workable insights, we can hugely improve efficiency and deliver improvements to the patient experience.

We commonly work with Healthcare organisations to: 

  • Integrate Website & CRM
  • Cloud-based Central Data Source
  • Remove Dependency on Siloed Applications
  • Multi Channel Integration
  • Centralise Reporting
  • Consolidate Resources
  • Standardise Approach
  • Patient Specific Customisation
  • Leverage pre-built solutions, that you can build upon

Implement a platform for changing culture and tech

Many healthcare organisations have a ‘transformation’ strategy, which is focused on new systems and tools but cloudThing believes an essential element of making this a success is placing people and processes above the tech. A healthcare body that is able to create an environment that’s built to expect ongoing, day-by-day and piece-by-piece transformation. With a clear vision to drive change quickly by establishing forums from a cross-section of your business and empowering them to make real decisions.

Technology that enables an agile framework rooted in research before action, delivering measurable results can make it safe for everyone to fail occasionally, because if we’re going to innovate, we need to be free to experiment.

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