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We help membership organisations use digital technology to attract, retain. develop and delight their membership base

cloudThing in Membership Organisations

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Technology & Process Change

The membership sector faces many challenges such as member engagement, personalisation of services, as well as ensuring business support staff are productive and make use of the technology available.

We are able to align technology to address certain challenges facing a modern membership business, across people, processes and programmes. Through our work on large transformation projects with organisations in the Membership sector, we have acquired unique insights into how these fit together to incrementally transform your business and deliver an outstanding experience for both staff and your members.

We have worked with membership organisations facing challenges and blockers in the way of the transformation.

Partnering with these chartered institutions we have leveraged solutions born out of very real challenges and using the PowerPlatform, built bespoke applications that fully integrate into current systems.

The Membership powerUp

cloudThing’s ‘Membership powerUp’ is a sector-contextual wrapper, comprising a suite of solution components and accelerators which are designed to facilitate the adoption of Microsoft’s Power Platform for Membership Organisations.

Our approach, rather than repeatedly charge our clients to develop the same functionality for each of their solutions individually, has been to invest in the development of these components and accelerators ourselves, knowing that the end result will enable us to deliver greater benefit to the sector which we have committed to serving.

We have a wealth of experience working with Membership organisations across the globe to achieve objectives such as the following with our powerUp and complimentary services:

  • Increase Member Acquisition
  • Increase Membership Retention to Reduce Membership Churn
  • Grow Subscription Revenue
  • Deliver A Personalised Experience To Members
  • Build a Common Data Model across your membership platform
  • Implement a platform for changing culture and tech
  • Grow Non Subscription Income
  • Ensuring business continuity and remote working whilst delivering value to members

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