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cloudThing In NonProfits

We love to support innovation and transformation for nonprofits.

We combine unmatched sector expertise and experience with technical know-how across how charities use data, integrate with third parties and volunteer expectations to deliver an end-to-end digital transformation.

The nonprofit sector faces many challenges beyond just achieving their stated mission, and often feels a burden of responsibility to invest any money directly into their cause, rather than on organisational improvements.

This can lead to outdated processes and technology creeping into daily use, causing a slowdown inefficiency, as well as large data and skill silos between departments, volunteers, staff, and supporters. We can assist by firstly, understanding your ambitions as an organisation, then helping you use technology to address challenges such as supporter engagement, personalisation of services, as well as ensuring business support staff and volunteers are productive and make use of the technology available.

We’ve worked with nonprofit organisations facing challenges and blockers in the way of the transformation. With our skills in Experience Design, Data Science and Power Platform we have found solutions to most challenges to adopting technology within the sector. Having navigated the complexity that comes with multi-national nonprofits, and smaller charities focusing on a specific outcome, we have the mix of expertise to not only advise you on your journey, but actively give back to the sector.

The Nonprofit powerUp

In our efforts to disrupt the ‘vendor lock-in’ model which has adversely affected many of our NFP clients, we launched the Nonprofit powerUP in 2020. This suite of components and accelerators is given away free to clients, and represents over £1M in development time to solve common problems facing nonprofits, rather than us charging to build the same solutions every time, or release an inflexible product requiring smaller charities to bend processes to use it.
Our powerUp and complimentary services can help charities to:

  • Deliver A Personalised Experience To Supporters
  • Increase supporter retention
  • Consolidate Siloed Applications Onto The Cloud
  • Improve Digital Culture Across Staff
  • Build Intuitive Volunteer Portals
  • Ongoing DevOps Support
  • Automate Historic Processes

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