Ongoing DevOps Support

Ongoing DevOps Support

Our mission statement of ‘Build Future’ (building for the future, today) is embodied in the DevOps approach and our principles around IT Operations, Compliance, Security and Training. DevOps supports both in flight software builds and steady state operation through principles such as Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as code to ensure a complete lifecycle of design, build and deployment is made routine and low risk.

cloudThing’s DevOps team is made up of a variety of backgrounds but all extensive experience in IT Management, code, scripting, build pipelines and cloud infrastructures. Various DevOps Engineers specialise in different technical stacks to cover all possible client requirements.

Often, when the initial software development project is complete, customers choose to keep a DevOps presence to ensure the solution is continuously improved in steady state and supported by experts who were involved in the development of the project. We operate flexible models and service hours to suit your needs.

You can find out more about our core DevOps service by visiting the main DevOps page.

What post-development models can you choose from?

Model 1: Knowledge Transfer

This model does what it says on the tin – we hand over all documentation and support processes to your inhouse team. We don’t just cut and run, we work out a transition and training plan to ensure your team are capable and ready to take-on the service. Plus, we can still be around as 4th line support if needed.

Model 2: 3rd/4th Line

Where you have your own support or DevOps practice but want the added comfort that cloudThing are here to help if your get stuck. If your support service can’t resolve an incident or defect, you can pass it over to our SLA backed service. We’ll fix the problem and get you up and running again.

Model 3: Managed DevOps as a Service

CloudThing are fully responsible for the successful operation of your service. We cover both platform incidents and software defects and have flexible hours of cover ranging from core business hours to 24x7. All services are SLA backed with response and resolution times. We actively monitor, vulnerability scan and backup whilst ensuring we have solid, tested business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place.

Model 4: Bespoke

Your different and need something totally tailored to your requirements. No problem, we can design a flexible, bespoke service based on your specific needs in the following disciplines:

• Service Management

• Secure Cloud Support

• Proactive Management & Monitoring

• Software Support

• D365 Support

• Compliance Support

• Systems Development Life-cycle Transformation




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