Our Software Delivery Process

Our Software Delivery Process

Our approach has been developed over 11 years by our management team and takes a range of industry best practices from programme governance/project management (PRINCE2 & Agile), service design and management (ITIL), and modern development best practice methodologies and blends them into ‘DevThing’. - the catchy name for our delivery methods and processes.

Everything we deliver is built with an appreciation and understanding of the criticality of effective information security, compliance and privacy legislation in today’s connected landscape, where aggressors are continually threatening internet-enabled services. We are industry leaders in designing, building and operating services which are inherently secure through a defence-in-depth approach. Common governance frameworks we work to include;

•            ISO 9001 Accredited Quality Management System (QMS)

•            ISO 27001 Accredited Information Security Management System

•            EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

•            Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

•            CREST e.g. Cyber Essentials (CE) Accreditation

Complex, multi-stream project/ programmes use PRINCE2 as a robust and proven project governance methodology to manage stakeholder engagement, risk management, reporting and overall management. This is communicated through a common language that is well understood by business and IT professionals, with Agile work packages to manage iterative day to day development in sprint cycles. Agile promotes the most effective engagement of our customers in the development process. For smaller projects we are fully Agile, using Scrum and mature project tooling to ensure highly efficient development, testing and release of features.

We promote the use of Continuous Delivery (CD) wherever possible to support our Agile development processes. CD is the practice of ensuring all changes, whether code, configuration or bug fixes are always in a deployable state and a build pipeline configured to automate deployment. This makes releasing software routine and able to happen continuously. The anatomy of a sprint is broken down at a high-level below:

This approach helps to ensure value for money by making rapid progress on projects, reducing risk, decreasing time to market and ensuring higher quality and customer engagement with projects. The DevThing Agile process has delivered over £100M of technology projects to date.




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