cloudThing's UX Design Process

cloudThing's UX Design Process

At cloudThing, we take UX Design to another level and our processes not only make sure that the requirements are met, but that both the client and cloudThing have a clear understanding of what needs to happen and how we can make it possible. These processes range from splash screens, to wireframes, user journeys, prototypes, information architecture diagrams, coding and much more. 

What is the process?

Our UX Design process has three stages: Research, Interpretation and UX Vision. Each of these plays a key part in working towards what the client wants and needs, and what we can realistically provide them with within their budget and contract. This level of understanding allows us to be agile in our approach and advise the best options in terms of what they can afford and prioritising their requirements. 

Stage 1: Research

Stage 2: Interpretation

This stage is where cloudThing are different to the rest. Instead of starting at the beginning processes, we start at the end and work our way back. The point of this that it provides us with an ‘alternative truth’ which provides cloudThing and the customer with a more detailed understanding of what needs to happen and how efficient we can make the processes. From this we can create an information architecture diagram which allows both cloudThing and the client to see the main processes and add/take features away to fit their wants and requirements as the conversations continue. By adding in persons and understanding the user mentality, we can then apply them to the User Journeys where we would see how the actions would transpose into the processes and the contract. 

Stage 3: UX Vision

This final stage includes two subsections: Concepts and Design.   

During the Concepts section we explore other UX and UI perspectives within the industry in order to understand the comparisons and how we can create a better product and make sure that it is accessible on the correct platforms. As we enter this low-fidelity stage of design, we create wireframes which are designed to be used for testing. Prototypes are then created so that the client can use the product on their own custom hardware so that they can identify what works well and what they want to improve.  

In the final Design stage, we move to high-fidelity which means we include more visual details and design. We provide detailed style guides which range from images, icons, general colouring and font sizes and we go that extra mile to look after customers and make sure that there are the correct licenses in place for certain fonts. UX Designers then present it to project management teams and development teams to makes sure that everyone knows what they need to do. Throughout this process, we overlook and make sure that the requirements are present within the product and we monitor the progressions so that everything is as discussed and agreed with the client. 

Do you have some UX Design work that needs out-sourcing? cloudThing are here to help, adapt and remain agile to your requirements and business objectives. We want to help you create an efficient product that will last now and in the future, so why not give us a call and see how we can help you today!




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