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We are DevOps Company of the Year!

We're very proud to be recognised as 'DevOps Company of the Year' at the Computing DevOps Excellence Awards. We couldn't do what we do without the hard work, knowledge, attention to detail and passion within our DevOps team. We also owe a big thank you to our lovely customers as they have enabled us to work on some incredible projects in the past twelve months.

We do DevOps right

Continuous improvement and support for organisations across the globe

From Azure to AWS our DevOps team are comfortable working across all cloud providers, as well as on premise where this is appropriate. We see DevOps, as the natural progression of IT Operations, using cloud and code to offer even more value to end users. Our team are experienced IT technicians and dedicated problem solvers.  

Using code and software, DevOps can resolve in minutes tasks that used to take days. Using Cloudservices to monitor entire IT estates at a glance, our team can take a more advisory role working proactively as an extension of your existing IT team. Our continuous feedback and incremental improvements across your IT service mean that the job is never done, we don't sit on our laurels waiting for a problem, we solve it before it becomes one. 

We are an ISO Certified, Microsoft Gold Partner with decades of experience in IT security, compliance and Managed Service IT support work across the team, cloudThing DevOps love what they do and are fanatical about giving great service to customers of all shapes and sizes. With a wealth of development experience within the DevOps team and even extending out to our wider development team we have scalable resources to deliver, maintain and improve any IT infrastructure. 


DevOps is an inevitable evolution of IT Operations. If you apply cloud technology to proven IT service delivery principles and processes, you get control, speed and service levels previously thought impossible.

Gareth Porter - Head of DevOps




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