Splendid Work

Splendid Work

Our owners set up cloudThing with a clear mission statement to make a difference and do some good in the world, which is why we love to work in the Not for Profit sector.

The challenges facing Charities in today's world is increasingly difficult. There seems to be more channels to communicate these days, but less time to deliver a message that will grab a potential supporter’s attention. With 'slacktivism' a growing concept, many Charities have more social media fans than ever, but the decrease in fundraising returns means that there is an increased reliance on the retired for volunteers.

Reports show that Charities with a defined IT plan are four times more likely to make the most of their resources and achieve growth in volunteers and sponsors.

We believe every Charity should feel empowered by technology as a tool to improve the world we live in. We’re proud to have worked with big name Charities on solving some real complex business challenges across all departments within the organisation to share siloed information across the organisation and ensure they make the most of their data and time through automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

From super charged fundraising to seamless daily operations, we’ve got the expertise to help bring your organisation into the future

While every organisation is different we have experience helping Charities to:

  • Reduce the time spent on manual processes
  • Reduce the money spent on legacy software no longer fit for purpose
  • Consolidate multiple business systems by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud to integrate services
  • Improve collaboration across the organisation and with third parties
  • Turn sponsors into donors with data-driven, modern marketing
  • Move away from disparate systems and paper-based forms
  • Reduce the risk of siloed data and isolated spreadsheets.

Turn donors into fundraisers with data-driven campaigns

By using the rich data-driven insights from across the business, your marketing, fundraising and even regional staff can build personalised emails to potential donors, volunteers, corporate sponsors and more. 

Supercharged Gift Aid Processing

We’ve got a tried and tested Gift Aid solution which ensures Gift Aid submissions are validated and your revenue forecasting is correct. This tool also submits directly to HMRC to save time and effort.

Analytics at a Glance

Dashboards for everybody! By using Dynamics as the hub of your organisation, management at all levels can quickly understand what is going on in their department and use real-time data for insights. 


If none of the above float your boat, we have a team of software developers used to building the solution from scratch. We relish the complicated, so please do get in touch if you think you’ve got an impossible problem you want us to solve with code!

Get in touch

Give us a call and find out more about how we can help you on 0121 393 4700, or feel free to email the team on info@cloudthing.com to get the conversation started.




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