Get up to speed

Get up to speed

What's updating?

Dynamics 365 is updated regularly with product enhancements and performance improvements with major releases every six months in April and October. One of the key benefits of Dynamics 365 is the ongoing automatic updates to the system which means that there is no complicated installation method. As a piece of cloud software, Microsoft will update the system in the background with minimal effort required from the users. However, when a major release is available, Microsoft provide information of what is in that release. This will include new features and coding standards, plus any features or coding standards that may be deprecated.

Deprecation of certain features and coding standards means that they should not be used for new developments as they may be removed by Microsoft in future releases.

If your Dynamics deployment is an out-the-box system with minimal customisation, then the update will most likely cause no issues to your organisation. However, if the implementation has been customised or uses third-party software add-ons, you may have issues when these add-ons look to use the now deprecated features or have a poor coding standard which is no longer compliant with Dynamics 365 after the update.

By planning for the release of Version 9 and undertaking an assessment, we can remove any doubt around whether your implementation will work as expected after the update, we can also use the update as an opportunity to look for improvements to the system. We’ll make sure that any deprecated features are removed and replaced with future proof solutions that are in line with your current business requirements. Of course, if you're good to go and there is nothing that needs to change prior to updating, we’ll let you know that also.

Get Assessed!

The first step is to take our Upgrade Assessment. This is a short engagement with a cloudThing Solution Architect who will spend time with you to understand your current environment and while we're there, we can also:

  • Identify known deprecations for a specific deployment
  • Highlight operating systems and software that are longer supported
  • Assess other third-party solutions that may need to be updated
  • Consider other areas that may be affected by deprecation, such as integrations, reports or portals
  • List known issues after the update that should be tested.

Once this is completed, we'll provide a detailed report showing you:

  1. What next steps are required to get the most of your upgrade
  2. When these steps need to be completed by, and
  3. Any associated costs for our work.

This personalised report is yours to take away, with any recommendations clearly explained. This is a no-strings attached engagement and you are free to carry out the steps internally or ask us to help you out if required.

Get in touch

If you would like to take advantage of an independent update assessment, please give us a call on 0121 393 4700 or email us at to get the ball rolling.




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