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Artificial Intelligence / Data Science

Use Data To Predict The Future…

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) development services provided by a Microsoft Gold accredited Partner

Innovate, Disrupt, Win 

Use data to gain an industry edge.

Uncover the hidden treasure in your data, find competitive advantage and empower your staff​ to build an intelligent, data-driven organisation using artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) development services provided by a Microsoft Gold accredited Partner (that’s us… cloudThing).


Automate Your Processes & Accelerate Your Business

With so much attention on Artificial Intelligence at the moment, many are seeking a better understanding of the far reaching benefits it could provide an organisation.

AI, Machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and cognitive computing – these are all driving sector spanning innovation… Do you know how your organisation could benefit?



  • Build Data Science-enabled services using thebest of Microsoft Azure Applied AI services or ask our Data Scientists to build you custom Machine Learning models using the latest research​
  • Add autonomous decision-making to speedup legacy business processes with Machine-Learning based software components​
  • Predict the future using the latest Neural Net technologies such as OpenAI, or traditional Machine Learning models for time series, regression models​
  • Build Digital Twins for advanced “what-if” scenario modelling to stress test and optimise your business processes

How We Plan The Service

Our Tools

  • Azure Synapse, Spark, Serverless SQL,Databricks, Data Lake, Data Factory, Purview​
  • CosmosDB, Azure Functions, API Management, Event hub,  Stream Analytics​
  • Azure Machine Learning, Applied AI​
  • Dataverse, PowerAutomate​
  • PowerBI​
  • And many more….


We’ll provide a flexible and collaborative approach to planning and strategy development, from ideation (including business case writing), all the way through to live service and subsequent continuous improvement.

We have a dedicated project management office who specialise in technology delivery and have experience at all stages of the programme lifecycle, including supporting service development from pre-alpha onwards.

We do this through a proven, GDS aligned, Agile Scrum and PRINCE2 wrapped methodology, combined with ITIL-based operational service delivery (using our award-winning DevSecOps capability).

Our preference is to work openly through sprints with customers and partners, using a one-team, one-goal approach and use a continuous delivery principle to provide demonstrable benefit as early as possible in all of our work.

Whilst implementation phases are run as a series of agile sprints, the inputs, outputs and processes governing them are closely monitored and tightly controlled.

Project plans are aligned with deliverables and a burn-up of points is used to provide clear activity status, leading to a high degree of confidence in milestones.


“The two main ingredients for a successful AI project are imagination and experience. You’ll need people who can dream what’s possible, people with a thorough grounding in the technology and people experienced with your sector to guide the project.”

Ed Yau – Solution Architect, cloudThing

Some of the AWESOME Benefits!

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