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Channel Shift Strategy Solution Design, Implementation & Support

When you do digitally transform, you don’t want to leave your customers trailing behind. Thinking about how you will become a digitally transformed company will help you take your end-users along on the ride with you.

What is a “Channel Shift”?

A channel shift is basically what it says on the tin. Mostly we take an organisation and shift them from a paper-based process to a cloud-based one, and we make sure your end-users aren’t left to trail behind in the process.

The experience a customer or a citizen expects has changed over the last decade. They might not have even realised that their needs and expectations have evolved – so shifting to where your users are and on their new path is how you keep people coming back again and again to use your service.

The use of data and automation is not only of a time benefit to your organisation, but it is of benefit to those who look to your portal for a service.

As a partnership, we will work WITH you to develop a strategy to digitise your citizens’ interactions with your services. Like with our Digital Transformation Service (which this works in tandem with) we will define what needs to be shifted through collaborative discovery workshops.




How we deliver your channel shift to you 

In these workshops, we (cloudThing and YOU) will map out a strategy on how best to deliver successful channel shift.

We take a team of Business Architects (BAs) who will work closely with your people and watch how your organisation’s current processes operate and see what could be digitised.

This is a collaborative effort of observance; meaning that the people who will be using the new processes day in and day out will also be involved in the development of them for increased stakeholder uptake.

This is a knowledge transfer – we upskill the end-users to ensure standardisation. This is why we have as many ‘doers’ from your team as possible to attend these workshops – we find that three people may do the same thing in three different ways!

Some of the AWESOME Benefits!

Why should you adopt a cloud-based process?

Tech for Social Impact

An aim of channel shift is to create a culture of accessibility across all the applications 

What will be the biggest social value/impact of your organisation once you’ve shifted to the cloud? Our strategy includes the discovery and definition of these goals.

Channel Shift means making a digital experience that works for ALL users. We have an in-house design team with proven experience in building accessible solutions that build on top of Microsoft’s industry-leading accessibility functions; be it screen readers, colour blind testing and more.


Our Principles

All of our cloudThing policies and tools are aligned to government digital services best practise. Central government use it, so we figure that’s a decent standard to go off of. If nothing else, picking a partner for you who can apply those standards can only be a good thing.

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