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Data Migration As-a-Service

cloudThing’s Data Migration As-a-Service helps organisations discover, plan and execute complex data migration projects to ensure a hassle-free migration whilst unleashing the potential of your legacy data.

Data migration is an oft overlooked aspect of a re-platforming project. Once your new platform is ready, you’ll need a way to ensure your legacy data is still accessible​ to everyone.


Our Approach


  • Discovery – We’ll work closely with you to profile your data and design a migration approach that will align to your project objectives.
  • Prep – cloudThing’s data engineers will prep pipelines to Cleanse-Extract-Transform-Load your data to your target, in a quality assured way that minimises risk.
  • Execute – Once everyone’s happy, and the data passes quality checks, we’ll schedule the data migration around your business needs and operating hours with post migration support to assure the data migration worked as expected


The Technical Bits That Your CTO Will Want To Know…


Identified Use Cases – cloudThing’s Data Migration-as-a-Service will allow for no downtime or  our low downtime options will allow you to migrate seamlessly to an Azure-based solution to reduce service disruption.

We can handle (and have handled) complex migrations that involved hundreds of disparate data sources with terabytes of data.


The Tools We’ll Use – Azure Synapse, Data Factory, SSIS, Presidio Anonymiser, various industry-standard 3rd party tools (as appropriate), ​PowerAutomate​, dataMill​ and various Master Data Management solutions.​

If required we will also build custom migration middleware and tooling for your exact needs, to ensure there is no additional licensing costs.

Immediate Business Benefits

The Technical Bits That Your CTO Will Want To Know…

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