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Digital transformation is more than a shift into the cloud. It’s more than the streamlining of all your data. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of business.

cloudThing is experienced in delivering digital transformation as a service for clients. We have a proven, repeatable model for building a picture of your business, mapping its processes and improving them with cutting-edge automation.

Through a fundamental change of operations, we empower you to grow, experiment and learn through trying new things. This can lead to new revenue streams, more proactive services and the attraction and retention of new business.

We don’t operate like your average tech company. Our planning and strategy development is a collaboration between the two of us; it’s a partnership.

What’s on the Menu?

We provide a full three-course meal of proven methodologies, governance, compliance, anything else that ends in ‘-ance’.


In these workshops we (cloudThing and YOU) will map out a strategy on how best to deliver successful digital transformation.

We take a team of Business Architects (BAs) who will work closely with your people and watch how your organisation’s current processes operate and see what could be streamlined.

This is a collaborative effort of observance; meaning that the people who will be using the new processes day in and day out will also be involved in the development of them for increased stakeholder uptake.

How Do We Digitally Transform You?

If we gave you a blank canvas and a magic wand; how would you like it to operate?

After getting to know everything about you and what can be done to elevate your process, we employ a proven methodology of governance, policies, and tooling set up.

Reviews, reviews, reviews – We will meet with you monthly to discuss decisions that need to be made.

We also only complete a project if it meets security policy. If someone requests a change, no matter how big or small, we take it to a review board to see if it meets best practise and industry standards, for example, GDPR.

This is a knowledge transfer – we upskill the end-users to ensure standardisation. This is why we have as many ‘doers’ from your team as possible to attend these workshops – we find that three people may do the same thing in three different ways!

Our Principles

All of our cloudThing policies and tools are aligned to government digital services best practise. Central government use it, so we figure that’s a decent standard to go off of. If nothing else, picking a partner for you who can apply those standards can only be a good thing.

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