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What is a Modern Data Platform?

cloudThing have been delivering Modern Data Platform projects as part of wider Digital Transformations for many years.

We are well experienced designing and delivering Data Architectures that ingest from hundreds of data sources and Terabytes of data. Our Data Engineers can build a Modern Data Platform that enables organisations to treat all data held by your organisation or third-party organisations such as supply chain partners as a strategic asset to the business.

Upon taking data from across multiple departments and sources, a Modern Data Platform enables various line-of-business applications to understand, describe and predict insights from this data in a variety of ways depending on the use cases across the organisation.

Common Use Cases:
  • Improved scenario planning, find operational efficiencies, create opportunities for product innovation
  • Make data available everywhere – ensure everyone who needs a report, dashboard or answer can get a real-time, contextual answer
  • Get near real-time decision making for quicker digital transformation. Remove dependency on offline spreadsheets and reporting
  • Embed smart decision making into existing legacy applications
  • ‘AI’ driven Applications that offer a personalised experience to each user
  • Ensure, discoverable and governance of data from across your whole organisation
Stages of Delivering a Modern Data Platform:

1) Discover – Our data team first work with clients to understand and catalogue the existing dispersed data held by the organisation. We can then map the data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage. This enables data consumers to find valuable, trustworthy data.

2) Ingest – Build Extract-Transform-Load pipelines to bring siloed, disparate data into a ‘single source of the truth’ to be used by for multiple purposes across the organisation.

3) Insight – Once your data is made available everywhere, we focus on building reports and dashboards. This could be near real time reports in Power BI, or embedding ‘AI’ personalisation and recommendations collected by your platform. We can also train your in-house data analysts can start to link together data from different places, look for hidden insights, find correlation between events in your business.

4) Action – Some projects that clients are using their modern data platform for

  • looking for operational efficiencies across their supply chain
  • recommending booking levels for geographical exam venues
  • creating master datasets with records from multiple CRMs and ERPs
  • predicting supporter churn
  • management of contract risks based on data from many different places
Our Reference Architecture Approach:

We have capability of using all the technologies within Azure to assemble your Modern Data Platform. We can tailor this approach to suit individual needs and budget.


Customer Success Stories:

Fundraising Hub: This client had issues with siloed customer data on service users, fundraisers, members and volunteers leading to inefficient onboarding for new products, services and users. By introducing a centralised datahub approach, cloudThing were able to improve their data management to the point where they can improve supporter experience and generate new income from existing supporters through an improved understanding of their needs.

Service User and Contract Reports: A charitable organisation that provides a wide variety of services to individuals with complex needs needed to improve how they collected and interpreted data so that the executive team could make decisions faster. cloudThing collected and amalgamated multiple data sources across various programmes and initiatives into a single data platform, allowing them to track the success of individual service users, and more accurately report on their data in near real-time.

Q&A Matching Platform: A client wanted to build a learning platform where individuals could find answers and support for their education. cloudThing were approached to firstly analyse and interpret the various questions asked on the platform, and match relevant answers. We then created an AI question matcher component that autoanswers with the matching question for 10% of questions. The threshold of matches can be adjusted, but has been initially set low to avoid poor UX through false matches. This AI has helped the platform to scale and improve operational costs.

Integrate information previously held on paper based forms into your existing applications and user portals

How can a Modern Data Platform Change your Business?

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