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Predictive Science

Our Service Enables US And You To Explore In Detail How Predictive Science Can Benefit And Impact Your Business, Often Revealing Unforeseen Opportunities, Sometimes Disruptive To Your Industry

Delivering a new level of business intelligence to drive future decision making by combining data science, machine learning and automation.

Understand how predictive science solutions can be applied specifically for your organisation, to achieve a specified outcome, using cloudThing’s data science services.

Predictive science solutions utilise advanced technology to a achieve a desired outcome, quicker that traditional methods. The breadth of business functions which can be impacted is extensive, therefore predictive science should be considered in all business process, system or people changes in 2020 and beyond.

Our experienced data scientists help you identify opportunities to benefit your organisation through data science, by analysing your business domain, developing hypotheses and validating them using advanced technologies.


What’s Included…

  • Direct access to data scientists, collaboratively explore business opportunities
  • Create a predictive science canvas to test and validate hypothesis
  • Use advanced techniques including empathy mapping and event storming
  • Create user personas, empathy maps, event storming
  • Map existing data sources and model new data stores
  • Understand how solutions can be implemented to overcome technical constraints
  • Specifically define how ROI will be achieved and measured
  • Develop a delivery roadmap from idea to live implementation
  • Agile delivery approach aligned to GDS service principles


  • Complete a domain deep drive with a data scientist, identify opportunities to implement data science technology to deliver business value.
  • Envision ideas using advanced techniques including user personas, empathy maps & event storming.
  • Analyse Data Requirements to define data stores needed and solutions to overcome any technical constraints.
  • Create a Predictive Science Canvas, a business-oriented plan on a page to realise test a hypothetical opportunity.


Some of the AWESOME Benefits!

How We Plan The Service

How it works

Our service enables us and you to explore in detail how predictive science can benefit and impact your business, often revealing unforeseen opportunities, sometimes disruptive to your industry.

Analysis is completed to validate the proposed hypotheses to achieve a specific business outcome, so you can plan and complete a pilot program, which will ultimately become a live implementation of predictive science in your business.


What you get

Typical business outcomes achieved include:


  • Process Automation – faster, quicker, cost effective modification of existing processes, or implementation of new ones. Supercharge your workforce.
  • Improved user experience – with business touch points through dynamic, tailored experiences.
  • Insight generation – through business intelligence analysis of big disparate data sets.
  • Incremental value – releases through identifying previously unknown or untapped business value.
  • Improved Data Maturity – better data which benefits the entire organisation.
  • Predictive science understanding – introducing predictive science into a business improves awareness, ensuring it is embedded into business thinking in the future.
  • Build a better understanding of where predictive science can be applied in your business to achieve real ROI
  • Better Decision Making – Informed through data

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