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Quality Assurance Team(s) As-A-Service

Improve product quality and reduce defects with our ISTBQ certified testing teams

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is the detection and resolution of problems. Like machine maintenance though, it requires an ongoing series of routine check-ups to make sure all components are working as they should, and no little goblins have made their way into the code somehow.

Sometimes it is far too time-consuming to have an in-house QA (quality assurance) team. Our Quality Assurance as a Service is ideal for smaller quality assurance and testing practices that, while important, are entirely too time-consuming to dedicate your people’s time to.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke QA-as-a-Service experience, or a shrink-wrapped one, our team have a specific level of expertise within various areas of quality assurance. We cover all bases of testing.

What’s involved?

Since it is a flexible, cloud-delivered service, the package can include anything from designing and developing a series of automated load tests to implementing specific technologies necessary for your project’s required technology stack.

There’s also script maintenance and analysing service response times in particular services.

The advantages of QA-as-a-Service include the fact that particular aspects of a project can be tested and retested by thousands of individuals in real-world settings, from various locales, and using real-world devices.


Why You Need It

Your organisation might not have the resources or experience to have a dedicated team doing routine check-ups, or you would rather use your people’s time elsewhere.

Now, when you have a big, hefty app that needs looking at from multiple angles, we are able to provide proper support in the event of a team member leaving or the team not having the knowledge to test the app etc.

The flexible nature means components of applications can be tested as is, with security and privacy-by-design in mind. Quality Assurance testing can be performed at every stage of the software development lifecycle, as microscopic or macroscopic as necessary, with costs scaling appropriately to those specific needs.

The project can also be scaled up and down depending on the needs.

Consider the range of people involved on the QA teams also; all those eyes on it approaching from a unique angle but working towards a common goal will result in finding and squashing an even wider range of bugs and quirks that otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed in a more rigid QA environment.



Basically, you improve product quality with our ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified testing teams.

Our Quality Assurance-as-a-Services are provided by a Microsoft Gold accredited partner with the aforementioned ISTCB certified testing abilities with functional, integration, migration, exploratory and automated testing included.



What’s on the Menu

  • ISTQB Certified Teams & ISO9001:2015 Compliant Processes
  • Test strategy development ensures testing is focused in right areas
  • Support for functional, integration, exploratory, automated testing and more
  • Modern agile methodology with proven tooling and processes
  • Experience QA expertise, matured through daily delivery of enterprise-application development
  • Rapidly deploy testing teams tailored to meet your requirements
  • Fully managed In-house support, outsourced or hybrid delivery models
  • Microsoft Gold Partner – accredited competencies include in Application Development
  • Knowledge transfer service delivery culture we work in the open
  • Service approach aligned to Government Digital Services (GDS) principles

Some of the AWESOME Benefits!

How We Plan the Service

We provide a flexible and collaborative approach to planning and strategy development, from ideation (including business case writing), all the way through to live service and subsequent continuous improvement.

We have a dedicated project management office who specialise in technology delivery and have experience at all stages of the programme lifecycle, including supporting service development from pre-alpha onwards.

We do this through a proven, GDS aligned, Agile Scrum and PRINCE2 wrapped methodology, combined with ITIL-based operational service delivery (using our award-winning DevSecOps capability).

Our preference is to work openly through sprints with customers and partners, using a one-team, one-goal approach, and use a continuous delivery principle to provide demonstrable benefit as early as possible in all of our work.

Whilst implementation phases are run as a series of agile sprints, the inputs, outputs and processes governing them are closely monitored and tightly controlled.

Project plans are aligned with deliverables and a burn-up of points is used to provide clear activity status, leading to a high degree of confidence in milestones.


Our Principles

All of our cloudThing policies and tools are aligned to government digital services best practise. Central government use it, so we figure that’s a decent standard to go off of. If nothing else, picking a partner for you who can apply those standards can only be a good thing.

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