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Technical Debt Assessment and Reduction Service

cloudThing can help you understand what technical debt your organisation has, how to reduce it and how to avoid increasing it

Understand technical debt and how to transform your solutions to reduce it

cloudThing will help you understand what technical debt your organisation has, how to reduce it and how to avoid increasing it.

Having a clear strategy to reduce and avoid generating further technical debt will help you save cost, improve efficiency, and ensure you have sustainable platforms for growth (build future).

You might need this if…

  • You need to understand what technical debt means to your organisation
  • You need to understand the technical debt you have or may be creating
  • You need to understand the risks and opportunities associated with technical debt
  • You have systems which aren’t meeting expectations, ageing, or poorly understood
  • You’re concerned you’ve too many systems, and sticky plasters in place
  • You’d like peace of mind, through an independent review of your systems.
  • You need to assess solutions ‘as they are’ and evaluate the possibilities for future development.

Our assessment services are enterprise-grade; we’re an ISO:9001:2015 Certified, Award Winning Dev Ops, Microsoft Gold Accredited Partner providing digital services to large organisations around the globe.

Read more about the service features below or, request a service information definition.

The assessment journey is simple:

  • We’ll have an initial call to discuss your technical debt challenges, recommending an appropriate level of assessment effort.
  • You’ll attend a requirements workshop with experts experienced in your sector to uniquely tailor your assessment plan to you.
  • Assessments will be completed in collaborative, remote workshops with your stakeholders.
  • Following the assessment, we’ll document your technical debt, risks, and opportunities with clear recommendation road maps..

Technical Debt Assessment And Reduction Service Features

  • Understand what your technical debt is, through collaborative discovery workshops
  • Develop a strategy to reduce technical debt with incremental change
  • Define clear delivery goals with associated metrics and KPI reporting
  • Discover and define how to measure the social and organisational impact
  • Build stakeholder support through inclusive, interactive workshops with our teams
  • Evaluate and understand the benefits of a cloud-based approach
  • Procure services required based on fixed-cost, T&M or hybrid-team service
  • Deliver your programme through a GDS compatible governance framework

Some of the AWESOME Benefits!

How We Plan The Service

We provide a flexible and collaborative approach to planning and strategy development, from ideation (including business case writing), all the way through to live service and subsequent continuous improvement.

We have a dedicated project management office that specialises in technology delivery and has experience at all stages of the programme lifecycle, including supporting service development from pre-alpha onwards.

We do this through a proven, GDS aligned, Agile Scrum and PRINCE2 wrapped methodology, combined with ITIL-based operational service delivery (using our award-winning DevSecOps capability).

Our preference is to work openly through sprints with customers and partners, using a one-team, one-goal approach, and use a continuous delivery principle to provide demonstrable benefit as early as possible in all of our work.

Whilst implementation phases are run as a series of agile sprints, the inputs, outputs and processes governing them are closely monitored and tightly controlled.

Project plans are aligned with deliverables and a burn-up of points is used to provide clear activity status, leading to a high degree of confidence in milestones.

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