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How TaaS Works

Why Team as a Service?

Staying ahead of the competition through continuous improvement to services and technology is a priority for almost every business worldwide. Organisations are crying out for innovative people to make the difference, as well as the processes that will allow them to flourish.

We can help your organisation maintain a team of technical, creative and business minded people to make a difference across multiple projects. We can help with our team of DevOps and security, UX Design, Business Analysts and of course, a team of immensely talented Developers.

By supercharging your existing Team with cloudThing, you get proven professionals who are trained to work together and who are experienced in delivering multi-million-pound projects at pace. All without needing extra employees on your payroll.

Through the Team-as-a-Service model, clients can enjoy low rates for compared to the high costs of hiring or contracting, with the added peace of mind that these managed teams will deliver. It enables clients to scale a team up or down depending on the needs of the organisation.

Team Size and Delivery

Our Teams are built bespoke to your client needs. We can offer a team to work on a single project as an outsourced delivery, or build a team from both client and cloudThing resources to achieve multiple strategic goals.

With a flexible contract based on Time and Materials, we ensure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to resources. We can then manage a team directly by adding a Project Manager to the team, or our client team can run the day-to-day if that suits.

Working with cloudThing

Our industry-leading delivery methods, co-sourcing model and DevOps departments are what enables our creative and technical people to be so successful at what they do. Every client has access to our completely transparent processes, policies and benefit from the many accelerators and IP we have developed over the years.

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