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5th May 2015

Award-winning software development company based near Birmingham.

Bespoke Software Development

We work with our clients throughout the UK and globally to deliver robust software solutions for their businesses.
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Architecture that lasts

Developing great software is important to us. It’s about more than just good code. We are experts in crafting beautiful software architecture that runs reliably and is efficient to maintain. We engineer first-class systems, use open-source goodness where appropriate, utilise cloudy infrastructure to minimise development times and maximise scalability. All of this means your business can be confident when partnering with us.

Beat the competition – Development Accelerators

Gain an advantage over your competitors with cloudThing’s unique set of software development accelerators. Rapidly bootstrap projects with key functionality out of the box, before we even write a line of code. With this approach, we minimise time-to-market, de-risk development and focus on features that matter to your customers. Welcome to cloudThing’s uncompromised and flexible development accelerators.

Keep costs down with Open Source & Cloud

Our keen commercial acumen will ensure that your project budget works for you, whilst never compromising on quality. Cost effective solutions are important to our clients, both in terms of development time and project spend. We specialise in sculpting with the best from the open-source community, blending it with modern cloud infrastructure to rapidly deliver extensive software projects. On time, on budget and with low maintenance costs.

Flexibility that’s future proof

Agile thinking for agile businesses. Our bespoke solutions are built with an ever-changing world in mind. We utilise the very best in micro-services architectures, industry best-practice, and cloud wizardry to create software that can adapt to new opportunities. This ensures you stay ahead of the competition and that new business demands can be met by your flexible software platform.

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The team deliver a unique blend of strategic insight and practical delivery, and understand the need for IT solutions to be commercially-driven. They are pragmatic, transparent and communicate extremely effectively.

- Sean Gardner, CEO,