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London Marathon Planning A Hybrid Event For October

Organisers hope 100,000 people can take part, with 50,000 running the actual London course
London Marathon

Russian Malware Found On Government Issued Laptops For Children

Teachers have discovered Russian malware on laptops issued to children to help with their home schooling
Central Government

Redesigned Windows Start Menu & Centre Aligned Taskbar In Leaked Screenshot

The new Microsoft Windows 10x OS was only meant to be for foldable devices but has since morphed into single screen devices
windows 10x
Operating systems

Man Offers Council £50m To Go Treasure Hunting In A Landfill

A heartbroken computer engineer is offering a local council a £50m cut to help him locate the 7,500 Bitcoins he accidently threw out
crypto currency

UK Government Creates A Dedicated Digital Office & Digital Leadership Roles

The UK Government will be setting up a new, Central Digital & Data Office to be led by Home Office tech guru Joanna Davinson
Central Government
Central Digital & Data Office

WhatsApp Forced Into An Embarrassing Delay Over Changes To Their Privacy Policy

Controversial changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy has resulted in users leaving the platform in droves

Brexit Breaks The UK’s Internet… Sort of

Over 80,000 .eu websites owned by British businesses have stopped working

Even More English Councils Signing Up To Microsoft Azure

Another great win for Microsoft Azure!

High Court Bans UK Government From Bulk Hacking

Privacy Intelligence are celebrating their High Court win over UK Police & Intelligence agencies

High Fidelity Quantum Teleportation Now Possible

Fermi Lab breakthrough could redefine global communications
Quantum Computer

9% Of UK Schoolchildren Will Lack Access To A Laptop During Lockdown

Boris under pressure to provide laptops for schoolchildren during lockdown
Central Government

A Civil Society Forum will Be Created As Part Of The UK’s Brexit Agreement

Brexit deal agrees to form a Civil Society Forum
Central Government

IMF Says Your Search History Is A Better Credit Rating Than Your Pay Slip

How long before a Facebook or Amazon credit card based on your purchase history becomes reality?
Central Government
artifical intelligence

Outrage As Co-Op Trial Facial Recognition In Stores

Co-Op says the system protects their staff from assault by shoplifters, but privacy groups push back
software development
facial recognition

Japan Spends Millions On A Nationalised Dating App To Get People Making Babies

Japan has introduced a cutting-edge AI dating app to solve their aging population crisis
artifical intelligence
Central Government

Hospitality Sector Woes Have Caused Huge Union Membership Spike

Trade Unions have reported surges in membership from the hospitality sector caused by concerns over COVID
Membership Organisation
Membership Sector
hospitality sector
Trade Union

40% of Local Community Organisations Have Lost 25% Of Their Income

By the end of 2020, over 40% of local community organisations will have over a quarter of their income

ICO Struggling To Collect Fines From Firms Using A ‘Phoenix’ Loophole

The Information Commissioner’s Office is struggling to collect the fines it’s issuing
Central Government

UK Government Reveals Secret, White-Hat, Hacker Dept. Has Been Operating Since April

Government announces the formation of a National Cyber Force To Protect the UK

GitHub Takes Down And Then Put’s YouTube-dl Back Up

Following Intervention from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, GitHub felt confident enough to make the downloader available again…
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