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Digital Transformation To Microsoft Dynamics 365

De Pinna

De Pinna London Notary, established in 1775, are a 245 year old Notary and Professional Services firm in London’s West End who chose cloudThing to advise and implement them on their business transformation plans.

Who Are De Pinna London Notary?

De Pinna offer translation services and both legalise and notarise documents for over 3,000 international business clients, many of whom are also legal firms or other professional institutions.  

They operate with a staff of over forty with eight partners, of which each partner has a team of one - four people.  

Specialising in foreign language legal work; thousands of documents go through De Pinna’s systems daily and they currently count most of London’s leading law firms and around a third of the FTSE 100 in their client base, which spans a wide range of industries and services. 

Pre their Digital Transformation, De Pinna were housing and processing all of their client data with an on-premise infrastructure.

They were also utilizing Lotus Notes, which has since gone end of life, as part of their core processes and at the heart of their daily operations. 

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“We wanted to give our employees the best possible hardware to do their jobs but found increasing issues of marrying up a 30-year-old software platform with the latest and greatest hardware” 

Peter Adams – Partner, De Pinna 

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De Pinna required a digital solution that would keep them compliant and allow them to embrace both current and future digital change without impacting their day to day services due to time being invariably of the essence for them to deliver a speedy service to their clients. 

At the heart of De Pinna’s daily operations was Lotus Notes, used for everything within the firm, from email to billing systems to document management.

As the organization has grown, De Pinna knew that their systems were anachronistic and had not moved in line with their growth, compounded by the fact that IBM had announced support for Lotus Notes would be ceasing in 2021.

Action was required immediately for the firm to embark on their journey towards a Cloud based infrastructure.   

Conversation began with cloudThing when De Pinna started investigating a move to a Cloud-based Client Relationship Management system born out of three main factors agreed and prioritized as crucial key outcomes following any investment from the stakeholders.

These outcomes were:

·        Driving value for our customers 

·        Regulation and Compliance 

·        Providing a great experience for our employees 

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“As an organization we were not tech savvy and digital native.

We flagged this to cloudThing and their response was that I shouldn’t worry about this and to talk about the firms journey towards the Cloud. I’m also aware that many of you here today are representing firms which are 100 times the size of mine, but I think the learnings from our journey are useful and can be applied to a firm of any size.”  

Peter Adams – Partner at De Pinna speaking at a legal Event at Microsoft in 2019

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