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De Pinna’s Digital Transformation

Client Satisfaction & Actionable Business Intelligence

The automation benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allowed the De Pinna to allocate more employee time and resource to their clients

The automation benefits as part of the Cloud-migration journey that De Pinna took with cloudThing to Microsoft Dynamics 365 allowed the firm to allocate more employee time and resource to their clients instead of previously laborious manual processes which resulted in them being able to provide the very best value by not only delivering a great service but also enabling them to anticipate client needs for the future. 

De Pinna’s BI (Business Intelligence)

The final factor which motivated De Pinna to migrate to a Cloud-based CRM system was the paucity of business intelligence (BI) metrics the firm had available to them. There was a lack of visibility on multiple items including:  

  • How new clients found them
  • Seasonal trends in workload
  • Geographical information on how their clients were distributed both nationally and internationally
  • Where and how their clients engaged with their services on a day to day basis 

Pinpointing that last point was crucial for De Pinna to enable recruiting new fee earners who specialised in the languages spoken in the relevant jurisdictions and to allow the onboarding of new clients needing their services

The apps, tools and products available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that could be incorporated into De Pinna’s systems as add-ons was (and is) massively advantageous to them in future proofing their business and addressing any issues arising in the future.

A Future Proofed Platform That Allows Incremental Building And Continuous Improvement   

One of De Pinna’s key USP’s is their in-house translations department which specialises in legal or commercial translations.

Formerly a highly labor-intensive field, advances in technology has accelerated things greatly.

Machine translation apps can translate huge volumes of text incredibly quickly, but the quality is highly variable. 

Being able to now take advantage of new apps like Translation Memory Tools and integrating them into their workflows is something De Pinna can now investigate investing in to help automate and increase the speed of the service they prove; speed being extremely advantageous in their highly competitive market.

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Working with cloudThing has provided the tools to now build and offer optimized new services to clients allowing us to go from strength to strength with a secure cloud-based platform that provides the foundations to incrementally build on.  

Whatever the future may hold for our profession, my partners and I are confident that our investment in an IT system backed by the largest software company in the world puts us in the best position to respond quickly to changes in the law or technology

Peter Adams – Partner, De Pinna

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