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De Pinna’s Digital Transformation

The Discovery Phase

After cloudThing engaged with De Pinna to kick off their digital transformation project and as we do with all of our customers, a discovery meeting was scheduled.

cloudThing engaged with De Pinna and kicked off their digital transformation project, as we do with all of our customers, with a discovery meeting with key stakeholders to fully capture the firm’s requirements; get a full scope of the pain points and to truly understand their functions and operations so that we could successfully map the firm’s digital ambitions with our proposed Cloud-Solution.  

Addressing Security First, Regulation & Compliance  

At the time, key stakeholders at De Pinna were weighing up their options and toying with moving forward with either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Another factor which was nudging the firm along with moving away from Lotus Notes was the desire for a modern CRM system as there was now an increase in regulatory workload imposed by GDPR.

On top of this was AML (Anti Money Laundering) Standards pressure and their own internal compliance standards in wishing to maintain the ISO27001 certification that differentiates De Pinna as the go to notary in the legal sector.  

cloudThing took all this into consideration when looking at ways to map their data flows and take stock of new obligations needed in respect of personal data.

It became apparent very early in the discovery phase, that in their current state of using Lotus Notes, upholding all their compliance obligations would be such a manual and laborious process as to render it virtually impossible to achieve.  

During their six week discovery engagement we worked with De Pinna to showcase the compliancy advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how easy it would be for them, post migration of data to a modern CRM, to locate client data should the need arise; for example if they were to receive a SAR’s (Subject Access Request).

Previously, data was stored in numerous locations, both digital and non-digital, and was very labor intensive to locate.  

As already mentioned, De Pinna are recognized industry wide for their ISO27001 certification and are currently the only UK notary to achieve this standard. This was something we understood very well with Security First being at the forefront of all our own governances and practices.  

During the discovery we highlighted that in order to mitigate any risk of data loss and risk becoming uncompliant, moving to the Cloud would not only protect their client information but also drastically increase their resilience to any form of email threat and allow secure MFA (multi-factor authentication) whilst upholding their security ISO27001 certification standard.

Maintaining their ISO was pivotal to the firm as due to the certification De Pinna are the sole notary used by Magic Circle firms which is a huge boost to securing future business.

For those that don’t know the term, Magic Circle Firms is an informal name for the five, top London headquartered multinational law firms with the largest revenues, the most international work and which consistently outperform most of the rest of the London market on profitability.  

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We are often asked about our information security measures as part of tenders or reviews by our corporate clients.

Having ISO27001 has proven itself time and time again to be a quick and definitive way of demonstrating compliance with the information security requirements of blue chip clients and the indication is that moving to the Cloud will facilitate ever advancing levels of security and thus retention of our accreditation

Peter Adams – Partner, De Pinna 

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