Chrysalis Solmotive- Team as a Service and Micro Service Platform

April 10th 2019

Chrysalis were in need of cloudThing's Solution Architects to help them re-build their single server system to a multi-server with a micro service platform.

The Scenario:

Chrysalis’s in-house team were finding that they were experiencing the same issues with their platform, Key2Key which searched for car offers for their customers (upgrades based on mileage etc). The problem, to summarise, was that it was just one server that acted as the hub of information for a large number of garages and due to the quantity of people trying to access it at one time, it affected performance. They needed people who were Solution Architects to figure out, re-write the code and in doing so, cure the performance issues they were experiencing within their current platform. 

The Problem:

To add some depth to this study, Key2Key is a piece of software that imports customer data (which includes their vehicle, valuations, what they are paying per month etc) and is used to combine this information and link it to any potential offers. Offers could be related to how much mileage they cover and what they are currently paying for it- if there is another deal for a better car that only has a slight increase in price, this will be offered and proposed to the customer. It’s from here that they can see what the customer can afford and what upgrades are possible. So why did this client need cloudThing’s help? Although this system was useful, it came with some bugs that affected productivity from time to time and as a result of there being just one server with a multitude of garages logging on to view the finance files, customer files and more, it was unstable when many users were accessing information at once. They needed a scalable solution and a platform that would allow for them to have multiple people and garages to use at the same time and the quantity, without crashing. So, they needed to re-architect the solution, but another obstacle was that they didn’t need to invest in a full-time architect for a short-term project. How was all this solved?

Out-Sourced Green smaller size

The Solution:

At cloudThing, we have Solution Architects who we can out-source to organisations who need their expertise and knowledge. This is what we did for Chrysalis and in doing so, saved them from spending time, money and resources on finding someone to help implement this short-term project. So, having out-sourced our team, what did we do next? We went on to re-build their single server to become a multi-server with a micro service platform. What does this mean and why was this better? The program that they were trying to run was too big to hold all the different functions that they required to run concurrently. We had different machines that linked together, on the same platform, and had duplicates of the machines so that if one failed, we had a ‘back up’ which was up-to-date. We also designed the program so that if one function failed, it didn’t affect the other areas.  

Currently, a Version 4 is being created and our team is making sure that the Version 3 is still effective and working correctly until Version 4 is up and running.  

April 10th 2019



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