PIMSS Asset Management System

June 6th 2018

We worked with PIMSS Data Systems Ltd to build an asset management system specifically for the social housing sector. It allows large and small property owners to conduct surveys, evaluate costs, understand maintenance liabilities and easily keep track of their investment.

The Customer

Industry: Housing

Profile: PIMSS Data Systems Ltd is one of the first providers of Asset Management software to the sector, the first to offer a web based asset management product and the first to offer cloud based asset management software primarily for smaller Housing Associations. They have been leading the market with innovation and continuous product development since our launch over 20 years ago.

The Business Challenge

PIMSS had an existing MSSQL and Silverlight Application developed by PIMMS which was currently being used as their asset management solution. PIMSS wanted to develop a new application which was modern, cross platform and would take advantage of the latest cloud technology as well as market leading UX design to offer a complete asset management platform to the housing sector.

Building an entire new platform from scratch meant that although PIMSS had a team of skilled developers, they wanted to an external opinion who could use expertise from other sectors to ensure the product took advantage of the latest technology available and was going to provide value to the housing sector for the foreseeable future.

PIMSS needed a partner who could work to an agile methodology and ‘co-source’ the product by taking advantage of the development resource available within PIMSS and augment these skills with external talent to ensure costs were kept low, whilst delivering a product using the best technology for the job.

The Solution

We built a single page application for both desktop and mobile with an AWS hosted C# backend. We spent time with PIMSS in the discovery phase to ensure that we could provide a rich UX for each user profile, with a modern, scalable approach to analysing, managing and surfacing data.

As the application required a great deal of form filling and manual data entry, we worked hard to ensure this could be done by users on the go with a cross-platform, common code base approach, ensuring consistency across devices. We then implemented a role-based access approach to ensure users only saw what was relevant to them and were able to intuitively find the survey or data they needed to update.

Our solution also included the facility to output detailed reports and offer real-time dashboards of asset data based on the user needs. This solution was envisioned in collaboration with PIMSS who were able to use their understanding of the housing sector to create useful features for the end customer, such as associating photos and planning documents with properties, forecasting cost and liabilities based on surveys as well as managing work conducted on properties.

The PIMSS asset management solution is now being used by multiple Housing Associations and is sold as a SaaS solution to the sector. This product has formed a core aspect of PIMSS’ product portfolio and is being continuously improved and updated by our in-house DevOps team.

June 6th 2018



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