Capita Security Watchdog Screening Service

May 15th 2018

Security Watchdog needed to invest in a new system which could quickly provide detailed, granular background checks in real time to their customer base with minimal effort from staff.

The Customer

Capita Security Watchdog

Industry: Professional Services

Established in 1998, Security Watchdog is an industry leader of pre-employment screening and professional background checks. Their aim is to provide their clients with the most accurate information possible around personal past history, previous employment records and even crisis management. They work in conjunction with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and currently cater to the needs of more than 16,000 clients throughout England and Wales.

The Challenge

Security Watchdog existing IT systems was unable to support their current rate of expansion of staff, users and requests. As a result, the business was experiencing lower levels of efficiency and the skills of an experienced support team were being spent fixing ongoing issues reactively, rather than working proactively towards business and infrastructure improvements.

Security Watchdog needed to invest in a new system which could quickly provide detailed, granular background checks in real time to their customer base with minimal effort from staff. To do this, they needed a partner to help them rethink how best to use technology to achieve this, as they needed to consider user access, automated reporting, self-service options, human resources and how to offer generalised support for their recruitment line managers.

Reworking the user experience was also a key factor, the existing system had expanded to capacity and was serving diverse types of users, from occasional users needing a simple check in minutes, to dedicated power users analysing multiple profiles. The system treated all users as the same, with no profiling or differing experiences despite hugely diverse needs and experience using the system.

The Solution

cloudThing spent time with Security Watchdog in the discovery phase to understand the different user profiles and requirements across Security Watchdog to build a complete picture of how this new software could simplify business processes and speed up service times for customers. Once this was completed, cloudThing were able to agree a fixed price to deliver a single page application that communicated with the existing CRM backend to deliver a totally new experience to the end user.

By leveraging the existing CRM as a data source, we were able to save Security Watchdog a great deal of time and money in development resources. The cloud-based frontend software provides Security Watchdog with the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing internal needs, and processes all data in Azure, ensuring scalable services and fast reporting times. Authorised users can access the necessary files within a real-time environment and in the event of an in-house system failure, all important data is backed up within the cloud environment, this approach helped lower the storage costs at Security Watchdog by as much as 90%.

Our time spent in the discovery phase not only enabled us to reduce development costs, it also ensured we could understand the needs and user stories of employees and external customers alike. This gave us a basis for a much more intuitive and easy to use UI framework. This also raised levels of accountability and accuracy with relation to background checks, as user progression through the process is tracked by the system.

The system is integral to Security Watchdog’s ongoing business model, and is considered a business critical application. Our experienced DevOps team work with Security Watchdog to support, monitor and continuously optimise the solution.

May 15th 2018



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