Ellis Whittam Azure Portal

June 20th 2018

We Integrated third party services, a legacy CRM system and various intranets into a beautifully designed user portal. We then hosted all of it on scalable cutting edge cloud infrastructure in Azure, where our DevOps team continuously improve it.

The Client

Name: Ellis Whittam

Industry: Legal and Professional Services

Profile: Ellis Whittam give real-time, specialised turnkey solutions that work exceptionally well, within the fields of health and safety, human resources and employment advice. Established since 2004, Ellis Whittam operate out of an eco-friendly head office situated in a green, leafy suburb of Chester in the North West of England. 

The Business Challenge

Ellis Whittam had been enjoying continuous growth in terms of customers and workload over several years. Although an excellent problem for the professional services company to have, it did create challenges for their IT team. They needed to ensure they could provide scalable services from a number of suppliers and applications, all accessible in one place.

A fresh approach was needed to enable the organisation to keep up with the growing demand for third party professional services and empower end users to self-serve through a bespoke, beautifully designed customer portal.

Ellis Whittam wanted to ensure they invest in a long-term solution which would integrate with any new services in the future, as well as ensure robust security was part of the design, to ensure clients could be confident accessing the service.

The Solution

The organisation chose cloudThing as a partner, thanks to their proven record of accomplishment in achieving the impossible in integration between software and unique co-sourced approach to projects. The senior management team at Ellis Whittam were reassured that the transparent project management and focus on collaboration would help them get the bespoke solution that was right for them, with their input welcome as business partners along the way.

As a varied project with multiple requirements across numerous departments and technologies, it was clear that no off the shelf solution would meet their goals without sacrificing the end user experience. cloudThing and Ellis Whittam agreed a tailor-made solution built on Azure which integrates various best-of-breed applications would ensure value for money, scalable services and an intuitive user experience.

This portal was designed in line with our ‘build future’ ethos as a hub for an ever-growing host of services, including a legacy CRM system which was migrated to the cloud, various software-as-a-service offerings and the ability access new services as they become available. There is no interruption for end users as all services integrate into the portal thanks to the back-end architecture of the solution. Ellis Whittam are confident they have the ongoing support and skills to keep the portal optimised and at the bleeding edge of cloud technology, thanks to the cloudThing DevOps team at their disposal, combined with their own internal skills.

The solution has become an integral part of Ellis Whittam’s business, enabling them to offer a wider range of services to their clients and improving the end user experience whilst doing so. It has enabled them to simplify their costs into one Azure subscription, enabled better document storage and improved their user-based access security, thanks to Azure Active Directory. This solution is an ongoing project, which will continue to grow and add value as Ellis Whittam grows their services to customers.

June 20th 2018



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