MarvellousMe Software Development

April 17th 2018

We helped MarvellousMe provide an interactive digital system to provide parents, teachers and students with greater insight into the educational process. We developed and maintain this interactive parent and teacher mobile and desktop application which is at the core of the start-ups business model.

The Customer

Industry: Education, Start-Up

Profile: Originally developed by a concerned father, MarvellousMe focuses upon offering a top-down view of how a student is responding to a specific curriculum. Not only will teachers be able to receive much-needed feedback, but MarvellousMe also encourages engagement between the student and the parent. The ultimate intention of this system is to embrace a proactive approach during learning processes at an early stage. There are different software bundles available for parents, teachers and even entire schools.

The Business Challenge

With a growing user base for MarvellousMe, it became clear from parents using the service that they wanted a more robust form of communication between teachers and parents as part of the service to get a clearer view of a child’s performance in school.


MarvellousMe was also interested in the possibility of sending colourful "badges" to the smartphone of a parent to quickly update the progress of the student. This required a dedicated application that needed to be built from the ground up. The application would need to be easy to use and serve the needs of different types of user such as parents, teachers and school administrators managing entire classes.


We already knew cloudThing’s Management Team and chose to work with cloudThing because they possessed a unique mix of deep technical knowledge, an eye for design, commercial acumen and have operated multi-million user systems & products that were extremely well respected in our industry.

Adrian Burt, Managing Director, MarvellousMe


The Solution

One of the first steps was to create the necessary infrastructure and servers to support all subsequent implementations. However, the real work revolved around creating two separate mobile phone applications; one for parents and one for teachers. These apps have been developed in such a manner as to be system agnostic - they can be used within Android and iOS systems as well as standard browsers. We also developed a management and administration portal for school administration departments and similar users.

 This application has made it much easier for parents, students and teachers to engage with one another in real-time. The use of badges and beautifully illustrated characters has made the application naturally engaging, and a joy to use. The ongoing administration has minimised time spend setting up and maintaining the application.

The platform itself has been adopted in over 400 schools. Furthermore, interest from other international teaching organisations is now beginning to grow. We are proud to have developed a solution which helps parents and teachers alike become fully engaged with the education of children from a very early age.

April 17th 2018



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